If herbal prescription (homeopathy) works faster and better than the generic brands why doesn't the political affairs

support it? and it is also cheaper and more likely to prevent virus/bacteria from mutating

Because that course The Pharmaceutical industry will lose all its business if they tolerate the people know how impressive Homeopathy really is. They just do not want us to be using anything which can possibly Cure us. Who wishes those drastic side effects but alas the people are blind to the truth. What a bloody shame.

I salute you for raise the question in a minute check out how many are going to treat roughly you for doing it :-)

Best of Health and take attention to detail !

Because it does not work efficiently and effectively on the majority of individuals. It has nil to do with costs. It have to do with what works and what does not work for doesn`t matter what ails you.

If it worked people would use it despite the political affairs. There just is no documented quantifiable proof that herbal medicine works at adjectives efficiently. There is documented irrefutable proof that antibiotics and other drugs work. Bottom line will other be . . if it doesn't work you won't use it . . if it works, people will use it.
Why doesn't the affairs of state support it? Because it is cheaper. The government is supported by profitable businesses. If we, the folks, want our government to support something, we must first support it, ourselves.

We can, contained by time, get management support for better and faster medicine if we support it ourselves. We hear in the region of these natural remedies, and we recount our friends and relatives about them, but, in attendance is no big money supporting them, as there is the drug (legal) industry.

IMHO: The best argument is that we really obligation something to prevent virus and bacteria mutating.
Yay !!! Good for you for thinking for yourself and pious on you Bob for braving the backlash !! I was starting to have an idea that that the well oil marketing machines out there have brain washed nearly adjectives of humanity!!

Bob is right on the money, but not only will the Pharmaceutical industry drop tonnes of $$, conjure up the Doctors (hahaha) and the Specialists (bigger hahaha) that will be out of a job??? The amount of times I own helped society on this site deal beside simple vitamin deficiencies, after one told by their Doctors to take a pounding of major organ test and been pumped next to an inordinate amount of useless chemical and useless medications I simply can't muse over. I mean, seriously, if the Doctors in recent times told their patients to stop eliminating total food groups, focus on natural/organic, fresh fruit and vegies, lean meats and fish and chicken, wholegrain breads and cereal, nuts and seeds, plenty of filter water and do away with all sugar/chemicals/toxins/junk and white foods wot do you ponder would happen? Yep, family would avoid chronic illnesses in droves and Doctors (read amoral quacks) would be out of a situation !!!

Go figure, population will just not be told though, they deliberate they everything in moderation is an adjectives way to live!! Seriously, can you see !! To my way of thinking, if something is toxic it doesn't thing whether you have for a while bit or a lot, it will only just poison you slower !! It's akin to asking for just for a moment bit of herpes or cancer !! The idea is to prevent these devastating diseases occurring surrounded by the first place, treat your bodies as a temple, with the utmost respect. You wouldn't expect your sports car to run on chocolate now would you?? No, you obligation petrol. Same with our bodies, chocolate is above all sugar, which has no nutritional helpfulness whatsoever and therefore is a toxin to our bodies.

The Government would prefer to eke as much $$$ out of their big solid medicine cow as possible, beside the only downside contained by their minds being a little bit of blood on their hand !! They have necessarily brain washed the bulk of the community into believing that Naturopaths, Homeopaths, Nutritionists are adjectives crackpot hippies who are high on wacky weed adjectives day long !!

We purely need to start doing the research and thinking for ourselves, cos believe it or not, the inhabitants that have your condition and well one truly in the fore of their minds are YOU & YOUR WHOLISTIC HEALERS !!!

me think the babylon system is tryin to control, corrupt, and kill us. they forbid herb, so we cannot see the truth, yet they do not sanction alchohol, which make us adjectives dumb.
oh good lord, don't win me started. I own a small health food store and agree to me begin by wise saying that herbal medicine and homeopathy are, by definition two totally different things. Herbal tablets treats with different combinations of herb and homeopathy is much more complicated. That being said they both are considered alternative forms of pills and can be both hugely effective, smaller number invasive and almost always smaller number expensive, and a much safer form of treatment. I do believe that conventional medicine have a place in our society but i enjoy much more faith surrounded by alternative medicine at this point within my life. I also don't know of any studies that say alternative medicine works faster or better than common medicine.. What we do know is that contained by many cases it works lately as fast and merely as well. The primary part of your sound out that i would like to respond to is the cut where you refer to the political affairs and why it doesn't support most forms of alternate healing. First of adjectives medicine contained by this country is all almost money, and nothing to do near healing the american ethnic group. Look at any food product in your pantry and if you don't see corn syrup or sugar or soy or a dozen different additives or chemicals tabled then you any shop at a health food store or it's a miracle. The system and the pharmacutical companies are making billions and billions of dollars by keeping the american public sick and uninformed. The sad piece is that americans, for the most part are person led along and believe everything the political affairs tells us. What a bunch of fools we are. Our food processing standards are one of the lowest surrounded by the world, and we accept that and verbs to eat foods that are considered contaminated by standards surrounded by other countries. We ignorantly accept anything the policy tells us short questioning it...i close-fisted after all, the elected representatives wouldn't LIE to us, right? The food manufacturers wouldn't put anything contained by our food that wasn't GOOD for us, would they??? Doctors wouldn't prescribe a medication that would keep us SICK, would they??? I one-sidedly know several people that own cured themselves of major diseases next to natural or homeopathic cures. Government and big pharmacutical companies want this adjectives hush hushed or they try to discredit these cures for one reason. Natural cures cannot be patented close to synthetic drugs. Which means they can't hold a monopoly on all the money that could be made. It's such a shame...but worse is that we allow it to surface. American people obligation to wake up and start asking question...and demanding answers...and demanding change.
As others enjoy said: $$$$$$$$. The pharmaceutical industry is gargantuan. Trying to change to be precise like trying to convince the gov't to switch from grease to cleaner forms of energy

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