Psoriatic arthritis?

Does anyone know a natural cure for PA?

Right very soon as with adjectives forms of arthritis, there is no actual cure for psoriatic arthritis. Arthritis is an autoimmune disease, consequence that your immune system is not only viewing your joint as foreign material and attacking them, but contained by the case of PA, your skin as economically. I have have rheumatoid arthritis for 24 years and over the past year I hold developed symptoms that makes my rheumatologist ponder that I may have PA as okay. He said that the current medication I am on for my RA (Humira) treats PA on an internal basis as economically, and usually doctors recommend using various kind of ointments and creams for external treatment of the dry skin itself.

I hold found that Bag Balm works great on my dry skin and takes away the flaking and cracking that I enjoy experienced. You can find Bag Balm in rather green tin in Walgreens...and really is designed to be used on cow udders! lol But once you draw from over that strange factoid it really is great stuff and many inhabitants swear by it for various skin conditions.

Personally I've never be a big fan of homeopathic/natural treatments of diseases, but can definately see the merit as they are usually cheaper and for several offer a peace of mind instead of putting "foreign" chemicals contained by their bodies to treat diseases. Whatever method you choose, just be *sure* to settle to your doctor. Even "natural" treatments can be dangerous if you help yourself to too much of something or follow the wrong advice. Good luck!
Hi, I am a Homeopathic Practitioner. You own not given any symptoms here, Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease so what and how you perceive are the all prominent factors to be considered when looking up a remedy for your ailments the mark of the disease is just the proverbial Tip of the iceberg, so to enunciate. The term "Psoriatic Arthritis" brings to mind these two Homeopathic remedies initially, SULFUR and RHUS TOX both contained by 200 potency, start your treatment with SULFUR 200 one dose first article in the morning and RHUS TOX 200 basically one dose after 12 hours of taking SULFUR. Take them in that sequence for at smallest 3 days and report back next to your progress. It would be better and more helpful if you bequeath us your individual symptoms and details or consult a Homeopathic Practitioner .
Homeopathic remedies are totally free of side effects and do not cause any complications. And possibly the only remedies which can cure you 100% short any side effects or complications.
Feel free to email me for any further help.

Take Care and God Bless.
You might try mangosteen liquid and all fluent product. A natural antibiotic i.e. safe to pocket and a natural cox2 inhibitor. For more information jump to

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