If herbal pills (homeopathy) works faster and better than the generic brands why doesn't the parliament

support it?

Excellent Question my friend !
The Reason are :- Because they want us to be dependent on those awful medicine the pharmaceuticals are selling us. Legalized drug peddlers that's what they are and they won't stop at anything to squash Homeopathy, because it really cures and that's what they do not want to develop, they want us to take those prescription so we remain dependent on those medicines and preserve on putting cash surrounded by their pockets. Be ready for abundantly of moronic answers against Homeopathy since you have asked this give somebody the third degree. :-)
money, prescription drugs, education, my grandmother be a healer, better than any doctor i knew, but at hand is no money in it, big business and insurance companies hospital and doctor call in rip offs, way too much money for any policy to back, they would a bit disprove you
Generic brand medicines worth is backed by clinical studies by the businesswoman and examined by the FDA, who also test the medication.

Those who are manufacturing herbal medicine need to run clinical trials to rear their claims of effectiveness. At this point, in attendance is no objective proof of the claims of herbal medicine. If there is a truly medicinal effect the FDA would put their stamp on it.

Personally I've be waiting for years for those who tout herbal treatments to prove their claims through legitimate clinical trials. Because this hasn't be done, I don't believe some of them are recognized for the moral they do.
Herbs can't be patented since technically no-one can legally claim to own them. The rule would lose too much revenue if they 'allowed' the use of herbal medicines over their formulated chemically patented drugs.
I know I'm contained by the minority and I'm not going to get into petty arguments near the person above in the region of the rights and wrongs of science over nature, but I consistency the two can work hand within hand and be beneficial. I've used prescribed anti depressants for years up until this later twelve months when I discovered Bach flower remedies. The benefits have be amazing. I can't prove or disprove, and neither should I have to, but I own Native American heritage and my ancestors lived without chemicals for ailments for centuries, deeply of their remedies are still in use and more and more are human being 'rediscovered'.
My sister who shares my heritage has a PhD and prefers to follow the quantifiable values of our society, while I think she is closed minded.
Ooh! Good Question.

I infer it's because people want a rapid fix for their problems. Have a headache? Take an asprin! It'll make your boss stop hurting for a few hours. When all you really involve is water exact you're dehydrated and your body's trying to report to you that...

Homeopathy works way better afterwards most over-the-counter drugs. But the world dosent want to believe it. *Sigh* Think how much money is spent on drugs, and if they would use it as much as normal drugs the hospitals would be alot better.
Whenever I'm watching a show close to "ER"or "House" my mom sits there and say what remedy everyone needs. Its Helarious.

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