Why does alcohol discern cold when it touches the skin?

Because you forgot to light it first. Seriously, when alcohol evaporates, it uses grill energy it get from your skin. Heat energy travels from hot to cold, departing a heat deficit (cold) on your skin.
It evaporates really nippy which cools your skin momentarily...
The boiling point of alcohol (aka the temperature at which it evaporates) is much lower than dampen. So, if you get it on your skin, it will discern cold because it is evaporating very hastily.
Alcohol evaporates very soon. Especially if the item it comes in contact beside is warm or for a while warmer than it is. The snatched evaporation sucks the heat out of the surface of the item the alcohol have come in contact near. This results in the cold response when in veracity it is not all that cold.
Because, it go through your system.
Evaporation is a cooling process, Alcohol evaporates at a much cooler temp then river.

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