Is near an over-the-counter treatment for dehydration?

I have a few of the symptoms of dehydration and I be wondering where I can catch a "drink to balance out my electrolytes" or something similar to that. Help please!!

You need wet first before drinking any entry for electrolytes such as Gatorade. You need 2 to 3 quarts of river per day. You should other drink 2 cups of water past eating or exercising. You should not hold anything with caffeine, which includes coffee, tea or chocolate. You necessitate to make it a regular routine to drink sea. We need it to live. There is a wonderful informative book you can read call, Your Body's Many Cries for Water by F. Batmanghelidj, M.D. go to for further information. I be once so severly dehydrated and I suffered several ailments as a result of it. So please drink water, it's momentous!
Truthfully, Gatorade replaces electrolytes.
yeah, it's called "river," son.

if that's not enough, try some gatorade.
Drink some sea or Gatorade, or powerade. You could probably just drink some hose down, unless its really bad. If it isn't marine should just do the trick. There are is some tablets, don't know exactly what it is, but just drop into a CVS or something.
try drinking some hose or you can buy some Garale drink that.
Pedialyte - it's in the childrens medication piece of any store. My friend's doctor told her she was feeling thirst and told her to drink this everyday for 1 month and she is 45 years old. So, it's not for kids merely!
Go to any whole foods or tader joe's and seize something called Smart Water. It is wet that is electrolyte enhanced. It doesn't hold any sugars and tastes and is in recent times water. Hope this help!
Get gatorade or better yet, Pedialyte. (look contained by the baby formula wedge or where the kids meds are.
you should hold water beside you during the day. you will be amazed at how much you drink if you a moment ago keep some beside you all the time. you swot up to deny yourself water contained by school and crappy job and stuff. its really bad for you. keep hold of water next to you and you will never dehydrate.
water....and if you want to spend money on over the counter cure ...try buying bottled river....
pretty much any sports drink or most all automatic juices will relief

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