Hi, um... i'm brand of fwondering how some websites puff "endorsed bud" on the lattice. Is it a scam??

It just seem weird.i don't know conceivably you guys do. thanks for the answers anyways. remember, dope is for dopes.p.s. i'm a dope...woot!

Answer:    There are sights that read out they sell permitted bud but I don't think they are legit. My boyfriend tried buying some not too long ago. They never sent it to him but he be able to grasp his money back through his credit card company. I wouldn't trust any site selling any drugs. I only saw one for party pills that be supposed to be ecstasy. They are adjectives bogus.
legal bud is salvia, if i remember correctly. it is a permissible herb, and has a reading light hallucinogenic effect. get it in the past the panty waist liberals get it disallowed.

Nope, it would be liberals.
(I haven't seen any recent examples of true conservatism surrounded by the R party lately.)
all right the conservatives would be the first to ban it and its endorsed in adjectives states but three. one of which is missouri where i come up to live. i think its missouri, michigan, and cant remember the other. you may want to look it up. also the websites are not scam they are just base in countries where on earth weed actually is court. like amsterdam for instance. apparentely you are allowed 2 grams for personal use but selling is supposed to be dubious but they say the senate looks the other way. they even own coffeshops their that sells weed

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