Whats a honest means of access to stunt or stop growth?

I know coffee doesn't work. Please tell me. thankfulness

Tell your friend that she needs to love who she is and adopt that she might be tall...here is nothing wrong next to being elevated :-)
Im sure you could take some open-handed of drug... consult a doctor... are you like 6'3" and still growin or what? gymnast or somethin... but yeah their are drugs for that... they get drugs for everything. : )
If you are very elevated, and still growing you will need to see your Dr.as near are things they can look for. But if you just want to be petite Sorry within is nothing that can be done. Take a look at the other women contained by your family, are they high? How about the men? Are they high-ceilinged as well? If they are afterwards being high-ceilinged may be your destiny sweety.
cigarretts. but i dont recommend screwing beside mother nature:)
Perhaps you should re-catigorize your queation. Alternitive medicine are generally alternatives to the chemicals that are prescribed by doctors. Holistic strength means entirety or ambracing and utilizing what nature have provided us with. What you are asking roughly is altering your or rather your friends genetic composition which is more of a problem for the scientist who wallow in playing with here chemistry sets. Or she could try carrying a basket of bricks around on her chief for a couple of years. I don't mean to be so crast but within my oppinion I think that your friend should stop worrying nearly what she is not and embrace who she really is. All things in go are exquisite; To know the nature of the make-up is Divine!
why do you want to stop growth? Bones do not stop growing until epiphyseal lines fuse . Hormones signal the osteocytes to stop dividing in the epiphyseal lines.
Trying to stop your instinctive growth is just plain silly, describe your friends there is no pre-eminence to trying. Body image and self confidence walk hand contained by hand, so time would be better spent pondering why one would want to stop growing.

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