I want to know facts on how to thrash a fleece follicle drug screening?

The fact of the business is, it is impossible to "fake out" a follicle try-out. Period. A follicle test will show any drugs you enjoy ever taken without compromise.

Get a blade.
You'll have to shave everything, and I do be going to everything.
Razor up!

THC can stay in your tresses for YEARS, so the only valid way to belt a hair audition is to not have fuzz to test. They form shampoos and stuff that claim detoxification, but from what I've heard, they don't work.
Hair grows backbone.
Your SOL. if a judge directions it.
No known folical cheat.
I found six possible solutions, you can hold these:

1. Don't take drugs - problem solved. and the best leeway for a healthy and psychosis free lifestyle.

6. Get a situation that doesn't require a follicle exam.

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