Can reflexology squeeze basis diarrhoea?

Yes. The purpose of reflexology is to detoxify your body. The toxins are retained in your colon and can lone come out one way. Down. I hold had reflexology once and it be extremely effective at empty my bowel. Scary that getting your feet rubbed can do that!
I don't see how it possibly could.
Not to my experience.
only if it be a crap massage!!
It depends where on earth you were massage. Anal massage can normally lead to diarrhoea, as it loosens the sphincter
YES. Depends on what areas are massage. It is very similar to ear accupuncture. There is an nouns for constipation. If this was stimulated and you are not constipated you probably can gain diarrhea.
Also detoxification can cause diarrhea as your body tries to wipe out the toxins.
Like the others said, yes it can cause diarrhea if you chafe that part of the reflex that controls the bowels and bowel movements. Each bit of your foot has trustworthy points of the body that it affects, so if that reflex is messed with too much, later yep, you can get it.

I guess that's fitting for some people though, huh? (Well not the 'd', but mortal thoroughly cleaned out)
if that was the overnight case, everytime we walked on a pebbled shoreline we'd all hold the s***s
Any energy treatment, including reflexology, can do what's called a "cleansing" contained by which the body purges physical toxins. So yes, it can.
Yes if the part of your body man worked on stimulates the bowel. It may speed things up but it would not be severe and persistent. Drink plenty of sea as if this happens, your body is ridding it self of toxins and you are prone to dehydration. Avoid alcohol for 24 hrs.


Luv J


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