i would similar to to find?

Dosa , does anyone know where to locate it , i know its a considerable root and needs to be dried out ,my mom is 1/4 cherokee and would resembling to use it as a tea for gallbadder stones.

If you can't find what you're looking for, or until you do, you can also dissolve gall bladder stones next to the same remedy as you do kidney stones -- olive grease and fresh squeezed lemon juice. Take two tablespoons of respectively twice a day.

You can also use acupressure on her cheek bladder point. To find it, have her stand next to her hands down to her side. Have her (or you) pat her leg near the nouns at her fingertips. Clockwise motion on the body heals; counter-clockwise releases toxins. Be meek, at first; then increase the pressure w/o cause too much discomfort.

Make sure she gets plenty of fluids to give a hand flush her system. Please email me if you have any question.
tell ur mother to dance a doctor for her gall stones
travel to www.dealtime.com
You may try to go to TCM (traditional chinese medicine) store or clinic. They also hold receipe for gallbladder stone. Usually that store have various herbs specialist or doctor.
In TCM here is a herb medicine name pien tze huang. you can ask herbs specialist, if you want.
Dosa or do-say or dosai is a South Indian crepe, made from fermented rice and dry lentil.
The American Indians used ginger root as a medication for digestive track ailments mostly.
Look in the book Geraniums for Iroquosis, by a American Indian tablets man.
Can't help you on the root grill, but I can recommend some good books on alternative remedies for cheek bladder and liver problems:
Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine - Murray and Pizzorno
Prescription for Natural Cures - Balch and Stengler
Digestive Wellness - Elizabeth Lipski
These as a motherlode of good discussion, warning, and necessary caution
Look for a copy at your library or local health food store
You can catch them from Alibris.com for discount prices.
You might use Yahoo search to look for 'dosa'.
Is it ojibwa?
as roots go the only one that have to be dried is the Chicory root is helpful but not Strong satisfactory then you enjoy the Dandelion root milk thistle also beet root they are helpful by stimulating the bile production of the liver or by thinning the bile and facilitate the passage of gallbladder stones .One technique that have been compliant is the gallbladder flush with lemon and olive grease first thing contained by the morning you take 4 ounces of pure lemon liquid and then give or take a few one ounce or more of olive oil .the lemon liquid dilates the bile duct and the olive oil stimulates the contraction of the gallbladder forcing the gallstones out .Keep surrounded by mind that if the gallstones are to big they will not come out this way .But they can be dissolve beside malic acid or gold ingots coin grass there is more information on this within www.sensiblehealth.com other information can also be found in books approaching how to get economically by Dr.PAAVO AIROLA the gallbladder flush can be repeated for weeks until the gallbladder is clear

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