I would to know almost cipium syrup?


Each 5ml contains:

Chlorpheniramine Malate USP 2 mg

In a flavoured syrup base

Colour: Ponceau 4R


General Information

Drug code Preparation Strength

221 Cough syrup 50 ml bottle.


· Chlorpheniramine maleate.

· Ammonium chloride.

· Sodium citrate.

· Menthol.

Description of the Drug

· Chlorpheniramine maleate - 3 parts

· Ammonium chloride - 80 parts

· Sodium citrate - 50 parts.

· Menthol - 1 factor.

Mode of Action

· Chlorpheniramine malate – antihistaminic agent that has a medium antitussive action due to its sleeping pill property.

· Ammonium chloride - : which reduces viscosity of

reflexly acting expectorant. : sputum, making it easier to expectorate.

· Sodium citrate – directly

Acting expectorant.

· Menthol smoothing effect.


On oral authority, the components are well rapt and produce its effect, 30 –45 minutes after ingestion. Duration of action is 4 –6 hours.

Clinical Information


Used to relieve cough, it help to expectorant sputum by action as a mucokinetic agent, be well as suppression of cough due to middle sedative effect.


Adults 2 –3 teaspoons thrice day by day.

Children 1 –2 tea spoons thrice daily.

Route of Administrations Oral


Neonates and pregnancy.

Precaution / Practice points:

· It induces sleep and hence motion should be taken on taking it during daytime. Avoid driving or operating machinery.

· Patients with natural lesion should be treated for underlying cause of cough and symptomatic treatment should merely be an adjuvant therapy.

· Instruct the merciful to abstain from alcohol.

Drug Interaction

Potentially fatal:

· Sympathomimetics or MAO Inhibitors use cautionaly; because of stabilizer pressor effects due to anticholinergic effect of chlorpheniramine.

Adverse Effects

· Sedation most common.

· Anticholonergic effects – dry mouth, blurred sight.


Store in a cool dry place.

Shelf duration 2 years.

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