'Sublime Treatments' or 'Touches of Heaven'?

Hi there

I am a professional psychoanalyst in work, reflexology, reiki etc.
Im just starting up my own wipe therapy studio and I am unsure what to autograph it.

I have stated the name above 'Sublime Treatments- for the soul' and 'Touches of Heaven' or 'Touch from Heaven'.

What sounds appropriate? I am not wanting people to own the wrong impression give or take a few me and my service.

Any comments and advice will be greatly appreciated!

Thank you.

I've be a massage and neuromuscular psychotherapist for six years and opened up my own clinic right out of conservatory.

naming your practice can be difficult at best and yes, with press therapy you hold to becareful not to give the wrong indication. I went beside Body Kneads at first and then thought better of it and go with Safe Touch. Now I hold a practice called WellSpring Health Spa.

What you inevitability to decide is whether you are focusing more on the condition or pampering aspect of squeeze and then your entitle should reflect that.

YOu could also label your practice for your location. ex: Eastwood Massage.

A name I other liked be Health Solutions. YOu could also go next to Body Solutions or Health Spring. But I focus on the health aspect, so specifically the direction I tend to lean.

Good luck and don't get discouraged. If you ever want to share concept with another professional or hold any questions, consistency free to email me, mark me as a contact.
'Touches of Heaven' will distribute the wrong impression. 'Sublime Treatment' will hand over people the conception that they will be pampered. I name my personal business 'Arnold Tui Na Health' as I practice Tui Na massage psychiatric help. Overall it is a tricky situation, especially if you live in an nouns where 'Massage Parlors' are adjectives.

Go with a entitle that you feel comfortable beside and politely inform individuals that inquire about other services that they enjoy the wrong idea. I know when my mother be running her own Massage business she frequently dealt beside this problem. It also really helps if you can win a two sided business card and have a short blurb something like your work on the back side.
'Sublime Treatments'
this is a virtuous quastion
i'm realy don't know
I'd go near the location idea. Like Lakeside Massage or Hampton Massage. Keep it professional and not too "touchy feely" or you will endow with the wrong idea.
Touches of Heaven is the better autograph of the two.
About people getting the wrong hypothesis, don't worry in the order of it, they will. The loudest statement you can have just about your studio is what your customers tell everybody in the region of it.

Just do all the things that associates who look for massage want. I have found that nation who look for massage are simply people who obligation unconditional positive regard. That's how you do your trickery. Be their friend by doing nothing more that what you are trained to do. You will find they unfurl up to you, they laugh, they cry, they divulge secret. They do their part - they fabrication there and be aware of. They have put an oversize amount of trust in you. Don't betray that. Respect them and they'll save coming back.
maybe "A Touch of Heaven".

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