Have u ever tried bioenergy treatment? Can it ever be harmful some instrument?

I haven't tried it myself, and there is evidence that here can be a genuine bioenergy beneficial effect. But there are also like mad of charlatans out there whose sole intent is to separate you from your money. They work rotten a patient's suggestibility and short-term self-healing mechanisms. The jeopardy in specifically that you may have a condition that wishes treatment, and not get that treatment surrounded by time by relying on a quack. If there is no cost and no postponement of auxiliary needed treatment, it might be worth a try. But yes, it could be dangerous if it lulls you into a state of false protection about a life-threatening condition.
Yes I Have>> and no it be not dangerous at adjectives,
rather amazingly effective! I do suggest to craft a educated
screening of the practitioner!

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