Tongue is white?

I've noticed lately that I hold a white tongue. It isn't painful but it's almost snow white. I looked it up and it say it is probably Thrush. I have no insurance, so prescription from a Dr. is out, does anyone have any home remedies to aid get rid of it?

You could be thirsting. Drink more water.lots more, you should see more color
Red Kool-Aid. . Lots of it.
lots of unprocessed yoghurt
So some research on doing a body cleanse. There are some good herbal pills within the health food stores, but if it's completely covered, you might requirement to do a several-week-long fasting cleanse. There are some extraordinarily good ones within a book called "Cleansing or surgery." It will wipe out all of the toxins out of your body and own the side effect of clearing up your tongue.
I had this white-filmy stuff on my tongue awhile rear. The dr said it was a yeast infection - it be towards the back. I'd try some yogurt or something - if monistat or some other yeast infection remedy surrounded by the woman aisle has a oral pill, try to thieve that. Good luck!
sure it's not plaque?? brush your tongue when you brush your teeth.
Sounds like a yeast type of problem you have need of antibiotics to clear it up , try a clinic there for a while cheaper if you don't have insurance other sage go to a vigour food store and ask them about fluent remedy's like acidophiles that cures most fungus type infections and instrument cheaper.
This link have several good concept for home remedies.
.first of all try to avoid milk/cheese and any other products contained by this a bottle of liquid glycerin from any drug store and verbs your tongue with it after every worked for me
If you had thrush mouth you would also enjoy some white spots on the inside of your jaw more than possible you need to help yourself to a mild laxative to cleanse the stomach and clean your tongue 2xs a afternoon with the liquid of fresh lemon
you are fasting right? hellllooooo? did you ever judge that it might have something to do near that??
after reading your other posting about FASTING

(the certainty that you haven't eaten anything within a week) and loss 13 pounds.

Maybe this is a clue?

This could be from fasting.
If it is candida, DO NOT TAKE ANTIBIOTICS similar to some other idiot recomended, this will make it worse.
Take probiotics day after day on an empty stomach.
Start ingestion again.
Maybe you mean tongue is sickly. Is it thicky?
You can gargle with small amount of table saline mix with luke thaw water. Or of late gargle with more concentrated tea mix next to fresh lemon juice 2 spoon full, (2 teabag surrounded by a glass + 2 spoon full lemon juice).
I can't recount you how to minimise your symptoms, because no other symptoms you tell us. For example: urine color, pharynx, larynx condition, your persistent of sleeping, digestion. Many diseases may lead to your symptoms.
Thrush is scratchy. You don't have thrush.
Just brush it beside your toothbrush every time you brush, and it will improve.

You don't stipulation a "whole body cleanse" -- what a nouns of rubbish.
You could also have what is call a "geographic tongue".it could very very well be that it is nothing and will travel away all on its own.if it is some sort of fungal piece like thrush it would own come from somewhere like, influence, is unlikely that it just popped up from nowhere.

Candida is aso fungal but must hold sugar and/or carbohydrates to thrive at an extent needed to cover your tongue which would also mean you would own evidence of it elsewhere like a vaginal discharge or any of various other things.acidoulpholous and yogurt are both necessary for accurate gut bacteria try those and scrape your tongue would not be out of line.
sounds approaching you have candida problems. Try some Acidophilus and do a full body detox.

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