Street Drugs and Alcohol ,is it a acting pills to cure our cramp?

What was your best experience beside drugs or alcohol, ? Your worst experience ?

Alcohol seems as though it's lifting our spirits--at first--but, surrounded by fact, it is a depressant--and will just make us worse, and depressed (or more depressed)--additionally, some of us are prone to alcoholism...

The same go for street drugs (though many are stimulants--just weed and heroin are depressants). They gross one feel better--in the beginning--then we are any hooked, or dead.
Yes it is self medicating. We are adjectives trying to feel fitting. But making bad decision. I've never had a problem near either but everyone within my family have addictions. Im the solely one that dont. Even my daughter was an IV drug user and it have almost devastated me. She turned into someone I didnt know. Stealing, lying, shady deals, ruthlessness. She departed all three of her children near me. So here I go again, raise kids. I have a couple of sisters that own an out of control discomfort pill addiction. My parents were both alcoholics. Its be a long hard flight for me and Im still suffering the effects of other peoples addictions. I need they would drug test more repeatedly & maybe that would catch people straight next to the knowledge that they will be locked up. I know that Rehab didnt work. Even twice. I dont know if I will ever be out of the shadow of drugs & alcohol, but I hold made the choice to do neither & Im gonna stick to that. I hope the same for you & yours.
If something is stopgap then it can not and is not a cure for ANYTHING. my best is when I get clean -the worst be when I started
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