Sore throat minister to?

okay I have a sore throat and I hear something awhile back (wish I would of listened) to somthing roughly honey and somthing else makeing it better, and ideas what that might be?

What I usually do is mix heat water beside salt hose down and gargle it around the back of your throat. Do this a few times. Also drink plenty of liquid...If that dosen't work you better go to the doctors!
It could be to drink hot tea next to some honey in it! Im not so sure though.
Mix brackish with melt water and gargle that 3 times a year , it really works.
ginger and black pepper..with honey.singular ginger wil also do..
try hot tea with honey and lemon
pour honey down your throat until you contemplate you are going to puke it'll work!!
tea with honey is supposed to be angelic for sore throat, just don't spawn it super hot
hot Chamomile tea mint tea with honey and lemon comfort alot u could also do some mints or some spicy foods help
thaw to hot (but not burnin' hot) tea with Lemon and Honey can assist soothe your throat.

I find sprite with a bunch of brackish in it to be more significant though. Sounds weird, help a bunch. The sprite causes some sort of phlegm to swing onto the throat and the salt is both soothing and health-giving to it. (the phlegm keeps the saline in contact beside your throat longer)

Or gargle often beside warm, heavily salted hose.
I woke up with the worsts sore throat 2 days ago and this is what worked for me. I ring it the 1-2-3 punch. Suck down some disgusting chloroseptic lozenges and then drink a cup of milk with honey. (The avoiding dairy item is an old wives account so dont worry almost that, you can have adjectives you want no matter what Grandma Gerty say.)
Then if your over 21 drink some hot theraflu cold remedy with a shot of tequilla or similar beside more honey mixed all together.
Worked approaching a charm for me??
honey with hot sea & lemon.
Also, try gargling next to warm brackish water.
Sleep near a humidifier or vaporizer running. Your throat will feel much better tomorrow morning.
Take one cup of water mix it with1tsp pepper, 1tsp turmeric, 1tsp garlic, 1tsp small onion, 1tsp ginger and 1tsp of sugar. Boil it until it become 1/2 glass, drink it while it is reheat. More remedies available at

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