Kevin Trudeau's Book?

I'm not asking anybody to give away the surreptitious lol, but I was a short time ago wondering if anyone has gotten the book by Kevin Trudeau call Weight Loss Cure. Did it work as well as he said it would for you? I'm pretty skeptical just about it but am curious. Thanks :)

It's a crock. I read it at B&N. He sends you to a website that asks for a payment to detail you more info. It's just makeshift things like you can find online but the "secret" is adjectives a lie.
My neighbor bought into his scam. He primarily says to chomp through less and move more.
No, I haven't gotten it, and I wouldn't - he seem like a shyster to me! You know the hoary saying, "if it seem too good to be true".. I digit if what he spouts was worthwhile and true, next the real experts would be coming out surrounded by favor of what he says.
The guy is a convicted fraud, I wouldn't buy anything he is trying to put up for sale
Ok i have never bought that counterweight loss book cause i dont entail it but i did buy his other two booke Natural Cures and More Natural Cures Revealed and i must say i no longer hold to be on the purple pill for the rest of my life to treat sharp reflux. I followed his simple natural remedy and i am cured, no more heartburn, no more distress and no more acid stomach. I am also attitude 100% better because i followed his advice and did a candida and parasite cleanse which be a major wreak of my illnesses. My hair is in good health now produce i don't use shampoos with chemicals surrounded by it and i use shower filters. Thank you Kevin.
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