Sore throat. Finding swallowing really difficult.?

The back of my mouth is swollen on both sides, i can see white spots where on earth its swollen. (Look a bit like mouth ulcers). I can speak ok + havnt get a blocked nose, or cold. Its of late agony when i try to swallow.

Apart from a sore throat, do you feel sick surrounded by any other way? If not the sore throat may be a bacterial infection, or tonsilitis, which is treated by antibiotics. I have this last week, and near a course of antibiotics, it is amazing how quick they work. I would go and get to a doctor straight away and have the explanation diagnosed. If they perscribe antibiotics, it will clear up in two days. If the sore throat is viral, antibiotics won't work. In any overnight case, see a doctor.
Sounds very much resembling you'll need a course of antibiotics to clear it up. The white bits and swollen tonsils are a sure sign.
Sounds close to strep throat. Seek medical attention, could get worse.
Could be the kick-off of a common cold, symptons once in a while all come at once, or contained by a specific order.
See your doctor if it's still agony tomorrow.

I have somethign that sounded similar 3 years ago, turned out it was somthign to do beside a tooth, so i had to run to the dentist, best get checked out sooenr fairly than later!

Hope you discern better ;)
is your b/f sad in the order of the situation?
Possibly tonsillitis, glandular fever or some other throat infection. Go see your doctor for some medication.
Why are you recounting us? Go see a doctor.
heres an idea walk to the f in doctor silly you get tonsilitis
aha! i just get over this!!!!
as your throat gets better it will develop into flu! and that's MAN FLU! the worst genus Ive had it 2 weeks in a minute all turned into catarrh and sinusitis and i bark like a dog!!! find to the docs for antibiotics
in the meantime this may comfort
get an eccinacia teabag
3 slices of ginger
2 slices of lemon
1 teaspoon of grated ginger
put in a cafetiere
append hot water, steep for 20 mins
pour gooey into a mug
add 1 massive teaspoon of manuka honey (this has totally good antibiotic properties) lb4.99 a jar from grades &sparks
top up with hot marine
def soothes the throat

good luck
You must maintain swallowing it will actually back! Increase your fluids or suck sweets. Then see a doctor.
Reminds me of something I once had. I forgot what the doctor call it, but it was essentially just a unbroken bunch of canker sores on the back of my mouth. It be very rough for me to swallow too. The doctor said the only entity to do is wait it out (it take about a week for the sores to be in motion away). I used a numbing spray to help numb it (they hold those for people near a cough), and just tried not to guzzle crunchy foods for a while.
If there are white spots on the throat after it is probally Strep and you sould go to the doctors department for some anti biotics. With out that an over the counter topical pain reliver such as lidocane should be fine.
I have this same problem a few weeks ago. Its so painful swallowing food - i get rid of them with 2 days. Get yourself a teaspoon - overrun it with vinegar and put it into your mouth. Let it slide down your throat - especially the infected nouns. But dont just swallow it straight - tolerate it slide down. It will sting hard but it will generate them go away - i can GUARANTEE you that.

It is positive this works as i always do this if i hold ulcer surrounded by my mouth.

Good luck
it sound similar to you might have mono.try gargle with peroxide/baking soda/vinger or saline.this will help it but run to your dr asap!!
strep throwt
you need penicilline
this'll be gross, but it works. Chew an aspirin; gargle & swallow. It'll conduct yourself as a local anesthetic & help numb the discomfort.
you can also gargle with reheat salt river & sleep with a humidifier running contained by your bedroom.
Eat some food & take some aspirin or motrin, too.
sounds approaching tonsilitis think you involve to go to docs for some antibiotics
afraidyou may own to go to doctors.
except that - plenty of warm fluids and honey throughout the morning.
gargle with saline water, works wonders,put 2teaspoons of saline into boild water,agree to it cool and gargle.

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