Why is that severely efficient cancer cure "flaxseed oil/cottage cheese not particular?

I know personally two culture who used flaxseed oil and cottage cheese and have complete remission from breast cancer and cancer of the spine. Dr Johanna Budwig, a German Nobel Peace Prize nominee discovered that cure. EFAs and sulphur-based protein. <rayfield5960@yahoo.com> Raymond Banfield

The multibillion dollar pharmaceutical industry would rather convince your doctor that pills are the answer,
Probably for alike reason that oatmeal (the 5 minute kind) and salmon are not universally hail to balance blood sugar. It may not work for everyone, due to other individual quirk.

I have to avoid flaxseed due to the arachidontic sharp it has, despite its honest Omega 6 fatty acids. Arachidontic acid can trip stale my low blood sugar. I also avoid walnuts and egg yolks for the same function.

I am avoiding cottage cheese at the moment, because any fermented food will help my yeast syndrome overgrow (Candida).

www.hufa.org have basic information on blood sugar imbalance and how that contributes to yeast overgrowth.

I thank you for the information though. Someday it may save a friend's enthusiasm.
It's not known because it's not forceful.
Read "Why BOGUS therapies SEEM to work"
Because it hasn't be clinically proven by REPUTABLE doctors to work.
For up to date review and info on alternative cancer treatment approaches, see:
How to Prevent & Treat Cancer With Natural Medicine by Mike Murray ND
Beating Cancer With Nutrition - Patrick Quillen
Cindy Crawford woud like to hear from you. Her quiz on cancer is showcased on this website (see Home page)

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