Taking Valerian as a tea?

I heard that you can give somebody a lift Valerian as a tea......I have the herbal
cap at home and I like to drink tea at darkness to relax.....is Valerian
too strong as a tea?....can you mix it with Chamomile tea?

I one-sidedly found Valerian very potent, essence and smell...not in a well brought-up way. Chamomile alone worked better than Valerian. You can combine the two, which may drain the offensiveness of the Valerian but I own never tried.
I buy plain Valerian root that I add boiling hose down to, creating a tea. I'd imagine passage a capsule is fine.
You can mix near chamomile
actually herb are often best when used as a tea (definitely avoid the pill form)...
you can mix the two however I would recommend not drinking valerian on a regular idea...give your body a break from it once surrounded by a while...
Valerian root or broken capsules are both ok. I would try it first on a daytime that you do not need to get hold of a lot done. Some relatives have remained overtired the following morning. - Personal preference I would drink down the tablet with the chamomile tea.

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