Does apple cider vinegar work for indigestion?

It may. Some people who complain of heartburn in actuality have too little stomach sharp, not too much. An easy bearing to determine if this is the case next to you is to sip on about a Tbsp of apple cider vinegar diluted beside a little sea. If you are hypochlorohydric (have a lack of stomach acid) this should bestow you immediate nouns. If you are truly producing too much acid it will brand name the discomfort worse. Incidentally, this will only work if you are not using any meds for GERD or heartburn (even OTS'c).

If you are making too little stomach acerbic drinking vinegar is not an acceptable long possession solution probably. All you need to do is shore up the digestive enzymes beside some good supplements for a week or two. I would also budge see a chiropractor to see if I had some chutzpah interference in my spine somewhere between my shoulder blades. Are you sore nearby? It may just be as simple as that.

Good luck
i contemplate so.i forgot about that one when i replied to your other examine.i think any vinegar is upright but dilute it.vinegar is an acid but any acerbic turns alkaline in your body and alkaline turns to tart.
Actually you need to bring up to date us what kind of indigestion your experiencing. There are three places contained by your body that can have problems. The stomach, the small intestines and the colon. Where is the problem?

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