When I be pregnant, my skin be pretty. Now that I am done breastfeeding it have be breaking out.?

I have enlarged pores and am slippery within a couple hours of wash my face (I use dove, so it's not cause my glands to overact). I wondered if taking a phytoestrogen might "trick" my skin into behaving and mimic my bodies chemical hypersensitivity the pregnancy. Do you think that's a plausible solution and do you know if prolonged use of phytoestrogens mete out cancer?

If you already have acne, your skin could any break out more during pregnancy, or simply clear up.

Blood flow increases during pregnancy, including the tiny vessels freshly beneath the surface of your skin. Pregnancy hormones also cause skin glands to release grease, which may leave your obverse shiny. The result of these two factors may be a hearty “glow.”

Here is a list of things you can do to minimize acne flare-ups, and argue your health:

-Exercise on a daily basis to increase blood circulation to your whole body.

-Eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies.

-Drink lots of hose keep your skin hydrated, and to expel hormone secretion.

-Don’t over-wash, this can stimulate more oil.

-Don’t touch your pimples.

-Use disposable sponges or cotton ball for toners or makeup.

Vitamin A: 10,000 IU/day.
(Note: See your doctor before taking a superior dosage or if taking vitamin A for extended periods.)

Vitamin E: 400 IU /day.

Zinc: 50 mg/day.

Vitamin B6: 50 mg /day.

Evening primrose oi1: 500 mg, 3/day.

Tea-tree grease: Apply topically to affected nouns once daily.
I have the same problem after I have my son...it's due to the drastic changes surrounded by your hormones. I probably wouldn't do the phytoestrogens because you could pass them through your breast milk. Consult your doctor, they can put you on a low dose BCP that can be used while breastfeeding and should back clear up your skin.
some times acnes is a byproduct of changing hormone pattern, consult your doctor about hormone pills and/or
over the counter vitamins.
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