Stomach Pains: Natural Remedies?

Does anyone have any suggestions in the order of what to do about stomach pains that effect vomiting? I know about ginger and the in full view medical remedies (pepto, maalox, tums, nexium) -- any other suggestions?

Sipping a cup of room temperature Ginger Ale help me.
Ginger is good and their are some dutiful homeopathic medicines. Also you could try charcoal tablets as they assist absorb toxins. It may be worth seeing a natropath or doctor if it continues.
put a haeting wipe on it, just variety sure the heating wad isn't too heavy.
For stomach upset, I use ajwan (sp?) seed - you can get them at the Indian store
Sip on flat ginger ale!!!! It works!!!!
Kemodeen or something is for stomache working
if u carry pains in your stomache very soon and then or when your runnig ,
its beacuse u are not shitting satisfactory .
have a s h i t every year !!!!!
I guess I would wonder why your having these stomach pains next to vomiting. It sounds severe to me but without any other detailed info, it would be rock-hard to suggest something.
If it is just a digestive disorder I would surmise that Apple Cider Vinegar (with the"mother") would help along beside a good probiotic.
Try a can of coca cola. In the out-of-date days people woould drink coke syrup for their upset stomachs, this is what coca cola is made from.
Maybe a nice long hot shower and some peppermint tea?
You didn't specify what brand of stomach pains, but sounds as though you may be referring to intestinal upset and digestive problems. You can chew on fennel seeds (right out of the spice bottle), which I've have in a couple different Indian restaurants after the collation (a mixture of seeds and spices, smelling somewhat of black licorice or anise that be offered in a small bowl beside a small spoon) and which my friend who uses strictly herbal remedies swears by. In addition to ginger or ginger ale, you can try bitters (,... which are used next to mixed liquors by bartenders. Peppermint (natural not York Peppermint Patties) is also supposed to be a digestive aid. Also, an over-the-counter remedy to try for vomiting is Emetrol (," title=",">,... which is commonly found contained by grocery and drug stores. Finally, my dad swears by Coca-cola, the original formula.
Peppermint is markedly good - also bananna's
It sounds close to your digestive system is all messed up.

Try the following. Get a gallon of Aloe Vera Juice mix 1/2 cup of it beside 1/2 cup of prune juice. Drink it first point in the morning. The two will work on your digestion and should correct the problem surrounded by a day or so.

But I would drink it on a daily basis to keep the problem corrected.

I purely thought of something else. Does your back hurt surrounded by the middle? I have have this before when a vertebrae L 11 I give attention to, gets incompatible it radiates the muscles around to your stomach.

And Adjustment beside the Chiropractor would probably fix it. I have have this many times surrounded by my life, so very soon I know when that is the produce of the stomach ache, consequently nausea, then vomiting.

L 11 is newly about at the bottom of your shoulder blades.

Both of you might consider this. The nausea and vomiting will stop right now when the vertebrae is back within place.
Maybe he is lactose intolerant?? I used to get really impossible gastric pains after eating or drinking milk or anything beside milk in it.

Try adjectives all dairy from his diet and supplement calcium intake. In the meantime, untouched parsley eaten since or after a meal is a brilliant digestive aid and a righteous blood purifier (clears toxins from the body). Alfalfa sprouts are another option for a digestive aid. It also sounds to me as though he system is reasonably acidic at the moment. Without going into a spiel that would whip and hour to explain, I suggest you also buy him some millet (a form of grain) from any health food store and cook as per instructions on the packet. Millet is an excellent source of Iron, the B vitamins and bran. Plus it is rich in digestive enzymes. Hopefully afterwards his stomach, spleen and pancreas (digestive organs)will be able to function optimally. Ideally, millet should be included within his diet 3 - 4 times per week.

Hmmm ! If that Stomach Pains causing you to vomit carry on, you need to see your doctor. The best pills is that medicine explicitly good and forceful for you. You may have an irregular intake of food. You call for to have a be a foil for diet and eat on the dot.Try Hot tea with no milk. You can try tedious Lipton, better still if you have any green or herbal tea. Also try rubbing your tummy around you umbilical next to Vicks vaporub, every now and later. Go to sleep and relax. Ooops, when you are experiencing that stomach pains....and you feel hungry, freshly eat Dark Toasted bread minus butter. The almost burned crust is the alternative cure.

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