Is any1 else using?

amphetamines t treat, bi polar, i am it seems t b just thing that keep me level head, medication aint working, on t me cyciatrist and councellors, im honest t them wat i doing. but each week they come up beside nothing that seem t help me cope next to my condition.

Answer:    Robert H Remember me lilmandz? Ive been reading some of your question?? Seems like you use phet 4 everything my man!! Could be the entry that is in actuality causing adjectives the Phsyco thingy's you talk in the order of. I was a unpromising phet head various years ago, n I still suffer really bad anxiety today. Fact is Im a prisoner to my anxiety at mo. I read one of your other ?? nearly lorazepam, I was pescribed diazepam, merely short term for this anxiety, get taken off it just now and my anxiety is tenfold. Living a nightmare. Is there anyway you could bring off the phet?? Ive be fighting my addiction demond's since age 20, still war today, n will continue till I catch reet!! Gud luck.
me too, i was told to donate it time An unwell head Can Not fix an unwell guide. Stop trying to treat yourself. You are being treated by an unstable trade. Find Someone you can trust. Decide to be honest,persistent and lenient. Do as they say. If you quality you need to hold on to using other drugs, address that prob,maybe surmise of a 12 step group. speed will NOT HELP. I repeat WILL NOT HELP'
good luck
please don`t laught, read this book
-- get through right for your blood type -- from dr. Peter D. D`adamo
you`ll be as amaze then i, guarateed. you won`t hold anymore problems after you read and practice it. you only hold to eat the right food for you.
bi polarism is a spiritual disorder,thats why the drugs are out of use.

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