Taking Alfalfa next to meal help digests food?

yes or no?

This what Homeopathic Medicine uses Alfalfa for, please read carefully :-

Medicago Sativa, California Clover or Lucerne

>From its exploit on the sympathetic, Alfalfa favorably influences nutrition, evidenced in "toning up" the appetite and digestion resulting within greatly improved mental and physical vigor, near gain in substance. Disorders characterized by malnutrition are for the most part within its liberating range, for example, neurasthenia, splanchnic blues, concern, insomnia, nervous indigestion, etc. Acts as a butter producer, corrects tissue waste. Deficient lactation. Increases trait and quantity of milk surrounded by nursing mothers. Its pronounced urinary action suggests it clinically surrounded by diabetes insipidus and phosphaturia; and it is claimed to allay vesical irritability of prostatic hypertrophy. The rheumatic diathesis seems especially amenable to its bustle.

Mind.--It induces mental exhilaration of buoyancy, i.e, a general response of well one; clear and bright, so that all blues are dissipated. Dull, drowsy, stupid (Gels); morose and irritable, worse during evening.

Head.--Dull, heavy sensation in occiput, surrounded by and above the eyes, worse toward evening. Pain in departed side of head. Violent headache.

Ears.--Stuffed thought in eustachian tubes (Kali mur) at dark; patulous in morning.

Stomach.--Increased thirst. Appetite impair, but chiefly increased even to bulimia. He must eat frequently, so that he cannot hang around for regular meals; hungry surrounded by forenoon (Sul). Much nibbling of food and craving for sweets.

Abdomen.--Flatulence next to distention. Shifting, flatulent pain along colon several hours after meal. Frequent, loose, yellow, raw stools, with burning of flatulence. Chronic appendicitis.

Urine.--Kidneys immobile; frequent urging to urinate. Polyuria (Phos ac). Increased elimination of urea, indican and phosphates.

Sleep.--Slept better than usual, especially surrounded by early morning; it induces noiseless, reposeful and refreshing sleep.

Relationship.--Compare: Avena sat; Dipodium punct; Gels; Hydr; Kali phos; Phos ac; Zinc.

Dose.--The best results are elicit with matter doses (5-10) drops of tincture, several times daily. Continue its use until tonic effects ensue.

The above proving of ALFALFA be taken from :-

Take Care and God Bless you
i have never hear of that.
Taking Alfalfa is good for constipation, depression,CFS,IBS, indigestion. It does relief you with digestion, since it contains numerous enzymes.
yes it does it is
Yes...it does. They are glorious in live enzymes if you get through the alfalfa sprouts in the produce dept or grow them. They are tremendously high contained by Choropyholl and aid in the digestion of foods. I would recommend drinking them in a salad or next to a high breakfast time to aid in digestion, approaching with stir fry or steak and salad. If you guzzle them alone, they can tend to give you a tummy soreness.
If you want to aid digestion, take bitters after consumption. It helps digestion and help the liver process toxins--

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