What cause sleep walking?

The only entity that I know to tell you is that your body is suppose to release a chemical that keep you from walking in your sleep, and It's not doing that. Probably from the stress and stuff going on within your day. When you hold an operation, I hear that they also give you a chemical that keep your muscles from moving while they operate and that is why they put a tube down your throat to relieve breath for you, because the the lungs have be relaxed. Otherwise you could move while they are operating and problems could result.
Wow, good request for information.

In my experience, questions that call for someone with immensely specialized knowledge don't take many answers, but I hope this one get well answered!
an overactive brain. When the brain refuse to rest while the rest of the body is resting........
Yes an over active brain is right... oodles things cause the brain to stay up slowly! Caffeine, diet, stress are just a few other things that will aggravate an overactive mind. Many childlike children who have hours of darkness terrors and bed wet issues often grow up to be sleep walking adults... and commonly are high strung those who worry alot just about everything. I have two brothers who walk in their sleep as children and infantile adults... they grew out of it eventually but both are still highly strung worrying types...
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