Thread worms within a child?

my daughter has presently got her 3rd bout of thread worms inwardly the last 6 months.
we use the usual medicine prescribed by the GP and the strict hygeine - but they keep returning and it is getting adjectives of us really down
is there another path to deal next to these?

I found this article in this site I find have reliable info. please also type in worms & look thr' adjectives results.
are you giving a follow up dose 2 weeks after the inital treatment? think this might help out if you do. is a common problem. simply try to stop her putting her fingers in her mouth. apt luck x
Are there any animals within the household?

It's important to do EVERYONE contained by the household at the same time- Adults, kiddies, dogs and cats. Every 6 months.

Pripsan is especially good for this.
You newly have to carry on,the drug (Pripsen) will paralyse the worms so they can be ejected more easily.The feminine threadworm goes to the child's anus at dark to lay its eggs.This is immensely ticklish so the child will scratch.The eggs will achieve under the fingernails and from in that into the mouth,towels etc to start the life cycle again.Knowing how it works may facilitate you to sever the life cycle..dutiful luck.
has she be next to cat's ,dog's who own not been wormed or cleaning pet cage's

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