I would similar to to know how do they treat fungi infections.?

try going to www.merck.com
well, what generous? my father had fungi toenails and he took a pill for a few months and it cleared up.
A medicated cream and sometimes even an oral medication (pills) by mouth within addition.
Who is they? Herbalists, aromatherapists, naturopaths? What form of fungal infection? Need more info.
If it is thrush take acidopholis (yoghurt) or contained by tablet form. Otherwise for toes etc take anti fungal creams from chemist.
To treat a fungus infection essentially I would recommend taking acidolphilus tablets daily. You can buy these at your local vigour food store. Also getting rid of most of the sugar in your diet and soda pop should backing the infection. Obviously if these suggestions don't help you..you probably have need of to be seen by a doctor.

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