Stopping or diminishing length...?

I asked this on the women's health board but thought I would ask here too. I enjoy pretty painful period, they are heavy too. Is in attendance anything I can take essentially that can stop or lesson them?

NOTE: I had a tubal in the order of 9 years ago so please don't tell me to lately get pregnant. (someone in reality said that on the other board LOL)

my stepdaughter had impossible to tell apart problem.
i was watching Oprah sometime and the 'expert' she had on said to stop the caffeine and start exercising. clutch motrin (or something like it) for 3 days back you should start.

fyi, she was a serious B getting her bad the caffeine, but it worked.
I found that diet and exercise makes a difference.....I found that by ingestion fruits and veggies everyday and excercising flow is lighter and at least a year shorter...alll in adjectives they are not what they used to be like...
Heavy and uncomfortable periods can be a sign of Endometriosis.
period are supposed to be painful yes but not so much that you can't touch.

Endometriosis, if you haven't heard of it, is a condition where on earth tissue similar to the lining of the uterus is found elsewhere within the body.
The most common symptom of endometriosis is pelvic torment. The pain habitually correlates to the menstrual cycle, but a woman with endometriosis may also experience torment that doesn’t correlate to her cycle. For many women, the spasm of endometriosis is so severe and debilitating that it impact their lives in significant ways.

Go to the site below and read the FAQ's, it may be of assistance, it may not, but at least you can read a short time bit and see whagt your doctor has to influence about it, he can prescribe something to give support to the pain and the mass and maybe even cut your time down to 2 days. Good luck.
You might want to contact your doctor about going on the type of birth control pills that allow you to hold only four period a year. I had migraines respectively time I had my term, as well as stocky bleeding to the point of becoming severely anemic, and this type of birth control was a HUGE minister to. The brand name is "Seasonale," but any birth control pills where on earth ALL the active pills own the same helpful ingredients in indistinguishable amounts can be used this way. You simply pinch 12 "active" weeks of pills in a row, and after on the 13th week, you don't take any pills, at which point you will own a period. Seasonale didn't exist when I be having period, but I took good ol' Ortho-Novum this mode (per my doctor's directions), and I had FAR a lesser amount of headaches and bled much more insubstantially.

I'd had a tubal too, btw - greatly of people don't come across to get the picture that have a tubal has zilch to do with stopping period!!!

Good luck!
Well what comes to mind is that you dont' so much have a medical problem, as a nouns towards not having stinging periods(which are normal contained by many women).

And the suggestion to seize pregnant wasn't by a fellow physician(I hope).

My alternative that hasn't been mentioned by any other answers here(that I saw) is to speak to your physician roughly birth control. You did not mention about birth control at adjectives, which makes sense since you do not stipulation it for it's primary intended reason.

However in that are what we physicians call :"off-label" prescribing. As such, I would suggest you accessible the discussion with your own Primary Care Physician in the region of the possibility of birth control pills for just that purpose. You see, next to birth control pills, you medically prevent your period, until the closing stages of the pill cycle. And even at that point, periods are usually much lessened surrounded by flow and pain. I speak to this from experience near women who have your exact situation.

Additionally, research them online so you will be prepared for discussion near your PCP. There are high dose, lower dose, and phasic types of medication for birth control. I would only suggest to you do so this so that you may own the best outcome to your situation.

God Bless,
Dr. D.
if you have any further question, feel free to email me. And if you enjoy the question, consistency free to choose my answer as BEST QUESTION. Maybe then this answer will seize out to more women so that they are able to seize the help they requirement.
Get an ablation if you do not want lids. If you do eventually after you can try Depo Provera. Good luck sweetie.

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