Cure for insomnia?

does anyone know a natural opening to help near insomnia. i dont want to get addicted to sleeping pills.i enjoy already cut out the caffine in my diet, turned past its sell-by date the tv in the bedroom,get a new matress and pillows,threatening shades,and i turned the alarm clock away from my veiw. im in dire obligation of some help my body is exhausted but i cant sleep.

If you can't achieve to sleep, try drinking warm milk and honey in recent times before you shift to bed. I do that and it works really well. Camomile tea probably works too.
I hope you receive some sleep soon!
try counting sheep that always help me.
Read the most boring book you can find in dim bedside light it will get you exceptionally tired
Try valerian root tablets, they are natural and I found them decisive when I was have sleep problems.
Homeopathic Treatment for Sleeplessness / Insomnia, due to different reason and near different set of symptoms (No side effects or interaction with conventional drugs):-

Sleeplessness during menopausal stage Senecio Aur 30X, 4 hourly

Cannot sleep surrounded by the early hours of hours of darkness; utterly wide awake, mind involved; sleeplessness due to excitement Coffea Cruda 30X 6, hourly

Cannot sleep after 3 A.M.; sleeplessness due to mental strain or sedentary habits; sleep dreamy and restless Nux Vomica 30X, at bed times for 7 days

Due to dismay or panic; insomnia after shock or fright; restlessness and tossing surrounded by bed Aconite Nap 30X 4 hourly

Due to tiredness; either physical or mental; bed feel too hard; must hold moving in prod of soft portion for relief within bed Arnica Montana 30X or 200X, 1/2 hourly (3 Doses)

Sleeplessness after midnight from anxiety and restlessness; has to catch up and walk Belladonna 30X, 4 hourly

Sleepy all the same unable to sleep; child tosses, kick clothes off, twitches; restless sleep next to frightful dreams Arsenic Album 30X or 200X, 4 hourly (3 Doses)

Sleeplessness and restlessness; specially in first part of the pack of night; get up and walks on the floor, as soon as the bed time comes long-suffering is wide awake Chamomilla 30X or 200X, 4 hourly

Sleeplessness due to frail grief; after dreams of thieves or robbers Natrum Mur 200X or 1M, 10 min (3 Doses)

Sleeplessness due to sudden shock; disappointment Ignatia 200X or 1M, 10 min (3 Doses)

Feels sleepy but cannot sleep; clocks striking at a distance maintain him awake; bed feels hot; moves more or less in vain to find a cool spot within bed Pulsatilla 30X or 200X, 4 hourly

Restlessness during early factor of sleep; sound sleep when it is turns to rise; get too hot in bed; throws rotten covers, gets chilly and puts them on again; puts arms above the organizer during sleep Opium 30X or 200X, 4 hourly

Take the remedy which is similar to your symptoms. No side effects or complications if taken as directed, please do not exceed the given dosage and under any circumstances do not try to mix any remedies and avoid Chocolates, Mints, Coffee, Red Meat, Alcoholic and Carbonated drinks, Spicy Rich Food while taking any Homeopathic remedies, and maintain the medicines away from direct sunlight, steam strong smells and perfumes and do not store them within the fridge.
Curing without any side effects or Complications Thats the Beauty of Homeopathic Medicine

Take Care and God Bless you.
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