Startling revelation roughly marijuana?

Says it constricts fine lung passages, but nearby has be plenty of research on the benefits to glaucoma patients; where blood vessels within the eyeballs to relieve pressure. These guys are full of bullchips.

When I heard this story reported on the radio, the subsequent thing they did be to have a guy on the phone from the American Lung Assoc. He said near was no evidence that -they- know of to show pot is worse than tobacco.

Also, as anyone who smokes it knows, you don't smoke 3 pack of pot every day, time in and hours of daylight out, like you do beside tobacco.

A few years ago there be a report that came out and echo around the major medium for quite some time something like how pot causes 'gynecomastia' contained by men, causes men to grow big boobs close to a woman. I heard it over and over. YEARS LATER I read that this together story was base on one single case, a guy contained by the UK who already had a serious hormone inequity. It just go to show you that you take -anything- you hear next to a grain of brackish.
I used to have adjectives kinds of revelations about--ahh--ahh-weed, but I can't suppose of 'em right now. Maybe then...
Is this a question?

This is the problem beside marijuana - it makes ethnic group unable to ruminate well plenty to verbalize what is on their mind. You obviously enjoy something to say, this put somebody through the mill just didn't come out as a interview.

Get some Oreos, watch some TV, and dance to bed.

Call your mom tomorrow, she misses you.
Pot has be researched for over 40 years now. If it hasn't be found out by now, it ain't true.
I enjoy personally not hear of this. I know that when you burn things that burn you produce certain gas which are carcinogens and harmful to articulate the least. Burn composition, burn (real) tobacco, burn marijuana, burn a house--they all contain alike crap. Cigarettes are a different story since they add adjectives kinds of nasties surrounded by the manufacture process. These incidental things are promising to cause a antipathy in the lungs where on earth they close up to avoid absorbing these poisons. Try eating your pot, generate some brownies or some spaghetti. You will get like effect, a little delayed, minus the harm of smoke inhalation. Marijuana have been studied longer than 40 years.
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