Any automatic supplements that can help out the respiratory system?

Here are some of my favorite herbs that will benefit the respiratory system:

Verbascum thapsis-Mullein
A Native American tonic herb that strengthens the lungs, Mullein is competent to moisten dry Lungs or conversely clear dampness and phlegm from lungs.

Thymus Vulgaris-Thyme
A foremost herb in Lung form, Thyme is antibiotic in the Lungs and Sinuses, can open out breathing passageways, stops wheezing and dries dampness and phlegm.

Oreganum spp.-Oregano
A crucial herb in Lung robustness, Oregano is anti-viral and antibiotic. In the Lungs, it can open breathing passageways, stop wheezing and dry damp.

Inula helenium-Elecampane root
A distinguished Native American energy tonic that affects the Spleen, Lungs and Heart. Useful for any defect of the respiratory system. Clears damp conditions of the lung and digestive tract. Strengthens the immune function.

Solidago spp-Godenrod
Relieves edema, protects from radiation, and reduce masses. Strengthens the immune system and clears phlegm from the lungs.

Althaea officinalis-Marshmallow root
Reduces inflammation throughout the body and nourish the Yin. Increases digestive absorption and heal all mucus membrane along the digestive tract, lungs and urinary tract.

Trigonella foenum-hu lu ba-Fenugreek Seed
Warms the Kidney perkiness and enhances sexual function. Traditionally used for diabetes and high-ranking cholesterol. Clears the lungs of phlegm.

Salvia officinalis-Sage
Sage is an amazing rejuvenation herb that fortifies the endocrine system, respiratory system, nervous system, and immune system. It also reduce phlegm and dampness anywhere within the body. The name literally process "well-being".

Lactuca spp.-Wild Lettuce
Wild Lettuce calms the Spirit and relieves anxiety while promoting rest. It is one of the strongest allowed herbal pain killer. It also helps to get underway the chest and circulate Lung Qi.

Grindelia spp.
Stops spasms of the bronchi and strengthen the Lung function, even in cases of asthma.

Psoraleae corylifolia-bu gu zhi
A yang tonic strengthening Kidney and Spleen functions. Helps the Kidney "grasp the Qi" and stops wheezing.

Codonopsis pilosula-dang shen
It is mild and doesn't own any side effects. An outstanding Qi tonic, it supports the Spleen and Lung functions so that Qi is replenished. Codonopsis is also an exceptional blood tonic and a key immune system tonic. It's activities closely mimic Ginseng, but Codonopsis can be used daily lacking over stimulation or disruption of other body functions.
Boil Mentholatum in a pot, place a towel over you boss to trap the steam and breath deep for just about five minutes.
My sister has asthma and the doctors put her on steroids. She seem to be doing and she's not dependent on the steroids. Maybe steam therapy would serve but I do suggest you see a doctor for any respiratory illnesses.
Do research on magnesium. It is supposed to relax the airways and allow them to expand.
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