Is My Inhaler a Steriod?

People tell me im takin roids when im not. They right to be heard my inhaler is full with roids. Is this True, cuz very soon im scared off-colour become too buff, or something like that. I dont wanna budge on roid rage or anything.

Answer:    Yes, they are steroids. However, they are not those character of steroids. The steroids in inhalers are anti inflammatories. They exhaust the inflammation response the body goes through when have an asthma attack or allergic reaction, (which asthma is a product of allergies). You will not bring back 'roid rage' from them, but long term use can own consequences. Talk to your Dr.
Depending on the type of inhaler some do contain a mild steroid. The steroid is taken directly into the lungs where it reduce the inflammation from asthma. Advair contains steroids and another type of medication that works in combination to begin your lungs. Most other inhalers either contain one or the other. The steroids contained by the inhalers is not enough to kind you buff or give you roid ferociousness. They are mild doses and work specifically on the lungs. it has steriods but not the caring that will buff you up...its medical steriods that help you breathe and nought more
Yes, but they are not anabolic steroids. Anabolic steroids are the ones that affect your muscle mass. The steroids in your inhaler a moment ago help your body settlement with inflammation. Alternatively, you can instead of using inhalers, use a technique call EFT which is costless, easy to do and greatly efficient. You can find out more information and even get hold of a free (donate if you want) consultation here:

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