I want to know if Niacin works, if its undisruptive, to use not solely alone but next to a perscription as okay?

Is it supposed to turn you bright red and make you itchy? Do you find irritable with it? Is it undisruptive to take near other perscriptions? Does it actually work or is it a gamble away of time? I have a really close friend that took it, and he turned red resembling a lobster and even in his sleep, he be acting irritable, and sorta paranoid after takin it is this normal?

Actually... yes. It should turn your bright red and itchy. That's the "flushing" effect that closely of bottles mention. It's perfectly unconscious and is actually what give the benefit.
If it's too much of an effect for you, there are flush-free or time-released Niacin, as they will hand over you the same effect lacking as much of the flushing effect.

In general, it shouldn't mete out irritability... but some people win irritable because of the flush (a burning feeling get some people annoyed).

As far as prescriptions, you will want to check near a Pharmacist or a doctor that knows give or take a few supplements because they have access to a database of drug and supplement interactions.

Yes, it works extremely well for deeply of people. It help for energy metabolism, maintain a healthy lipid set off (including Cholesterol and other Triglycerides), and general cardiovascular keep.

It's possible your friend had an allergic repercussion to it... but it's possible that the flushing was too much for him. I would enjoy advised for him to try a much lower dose or (more likely) try the flush-free.
I don't know the ins and outs of this vitamin, however I will speak that my mother had a particularly bad hostile response to taking it regularly - her blood pressure plummeted.
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