I tried st johns wort for over a month.. it didnt work.. is 5-HTP better?

i was taking 450 mg of st johns wort every morning as directed for over a month.. near no results.. there be no difference.. but everyone says it works.. i a moment ago heard of 5 HTP and be wondering if it was better?

I own found that when dealing with fluent supplements that are not all created equal. You should look for supplements that hold the highest talent ingredients. When you are taking about herb the same philosophy should apply. I am not sure what thoughtful of St. John's Wort that you are taking? Are you taking a standardized extract or is the dried herb? I usually take unsullied supplements for at least 4-6 weeks to evaluate if they are working for me usually track my symptoms within a journal prior to taking current supplements.This is the best way to track if you are indeed shooting up. After 4 weeks, you look at your journal and see how are doing.And one and the same for 6 weeks, then you are competent to tell if the supplement is truly working for you or not.I I own used 5 HTP in the recent past with no problems. I own the best results for anti-anxiety to a formula that contains multi-components to deal it as unwilling just one
It will specifically vary from creature to person, but 5-HTP works incredibly well for me. I don't filch it every day anymore, but with the sole purpose when I start to feel that signature "down," once or twice a daylight until I perk up. I typically take it next to a B-complex supplement.
Have you tried upping your dosage of St. John's Wort before throwing within the towel? 5-htp might be better but I'm unsure of it's safety while using St. John's Wort. There is also sam-e, at hand are also a number of amino acids you could try but as next to anything do as much research as you can and possibly the help of your own doctor or a naturopath if you can. If you hold anxiety symptoms as well as mild to moderate depression you may enjoy to carefully study your intake of 5-htp or amino acids because some of them work more along the levels of a stimulant. You could also try using homeopathic prescription during the really rough spots while you are figuring adjectives this out.
I would have tried to increase my dose rather more before giving up. 5-HTP have worked for me just fine. My favorite product and the one that have me feeling usual by the 3-4 day be Nature's Sunshine Mood Elevator (concentrated version).

Things don't work for everyone...you have to hold on to trying until you find what fits for you!! :)

Good luck!
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