Acupuncture loss of movement after?

Just back from acupunture within my shoulder and can't raise the arm...hold lots of pain.

Answer:    As an acupuncturist, I'd ask a few more question before sounding stale about placebos or lawsuits. The prime concern is your arm, after all. Were you competent to raise the arm formerly the acupuncture? Did you have lots of spasm before the acupuncture?

Assuming you did not, your acupuncturist may hold been using a point contained by your shoulder to treat another area of your body. The best entry to do is call your acupuncturist right away and permit him or her know what's going on, and get an explanation, belief, or both. If you're comfortable with the response, return and hold another treatment. If you're not comfortable ever going back to this soul again, let them know why and find another acupuncturist.

Generally, it's not usual for the pain to increase after a treatment but sometimes there's a "therapeutic crisis" effect in which the spasm increases temporarily and then subsides completely. If the headache was discouraging and getting worse when you went within, chances are that the acupuncture intervention lately did not stop the worsening trend.

It's been a couple of days in a minute since your treatment, so if the pain remains and you haven't have further treatment and your acupuncturist hasn't responded satisfactorily, desire medical treatment elsewhere. If necessary, you can inquire near your state's board of acupuncture about the complaint process.
Your acupuncturists might enjoy poked a nerve. I suggest you don't leftovers your money on this placebo (which in several cases can be unsafe). Not normal. Ask the acupuncturist. it is supposed to trade name you feel better, not worse.
no its not typical go to a phycisian right away you may own a lawsuit He may have gone to the point of anesthesia. Why didn't you return to him? Most of us answering this cross-examine do not have a clue...the acupuncturist will hand over yor the best advice, but you are probably too behind now.

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