Something is wrong near my boss and body??

These last few weeks I own been slowly attitude more and more off match, and my co-ordination is declining. I consistency like my IQ have dropped by at least 20 or more points, I be aware of dumber than normal. LOL. Even my memory is not as it should be.
And NO, its not elderly age. :)
Suggestions about what these symptoms could be would be appreciated, n event how far fetched, I enjoy an open mind. (busy closing very soon by the looks of it,, LOL)

please get a doc to check you

if depressed due to a recent setback please sit down and pray
thank god for this horrible experience and remember that it hurts if you do it to others also so avoid it

time is made of great and not so very great experiences ,so do not tolerate it get you down

immediately smile ..and share it with a child
You know my grandma have the same syptoms simply before she passed away. You must be dying.
J/K, but excitement or stress can effect those symptoms, so if you are seriously experiencing those things go ahead look in a doc, there are freshly too many entity that may be wrong/right with you that basis them.
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