IBS and Hypnotherapy?

Has anyone out there ever tried hypnotherapy to try and cure or lesson symptoms of IBS? If so did it work?


I haven't tried it myself but within is scientific evidence that it works. Peter Whorwell, Professor of Medicine and Gastroenterology at Manchester University's Medical School surrounded by the UK has be conducting research into using hypnotherapy for treating IBS. The results have be positive and his research project is expanding. For more information try the links below.

Hope this helps
yes, and no it didn't work! the just thing that have worked for me is fennel tea!
but everyone is different...
Psychotherapy as one might expect has be shown to help IBS as it is a stress related condition. Hypnotherapy is commonly no better than placebo.
I have used Hypnotherapy surrounded by my life heaps times and numerous companies have tape and CD's that really work. You have to be a open person and get underway, not have a closed mind to change, I think for it to work.
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