Herbal treatment for bone cancer?

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To heal any cancer I would do the Incurables Program at herbdoc.com. My unlce did the program and heal his Lymphoma (cancer in the lymph nodes). Not jammy to change your lifestyle for 60 days, but depends how meaningful you want to heal yourself. Any question click on my name and Ill be glowing to assist.

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This recipe be given to Nurse Rene Caisse to cure cancer in her patients by an dated Indian Medicine Man. She said it worked in every overnight case.

6-1/2 cups of cut Burdock Root
1 pound of Sheep Sorrel herb, powdered
1 quarter pound of Slippery Elm Bark, powdered
1 ounce of Turkish Rhubarb Root, powdered

Mix these ingredients thoroughly and store in cup jar in misty, dry cabinet.

Take a measuring cup, use 1 ounce of herb mixture to 32 ounces of marine depending on the amount you want to make.

Boil firm for 10 minutes (covered), then turn stale the heat but will it sitting on warm plate overnight covered.

In the morning fry steaming hot and let settle for a few minutes. Then strain through a fine strainer into hot, sterilized bottles and sit to cool. Store surrounded by a dark, cool cabinet. Must be iced when opened. When hard by the last when it's sticky, pour into a large jar and sit surrounded by the refrigerator overnight. Then pour off adjectives you can without sediment.

This recipe must be followed exactly as written. Use a ample glass, stainless steel, or enamel pot (10-12 quarts), 8 ounce cup measuring cup, small plastic funnel and fine strainer or kitchen sieve to stuff your glass jar.

This is the recommended dosage of Essiac for any type cancer cure:

Take 1 oz. Essiac Tea diluted in 2 oz. heated pure sea at bedtime daily. Sip this slowly, and do not get through anything one hour before or after drinking this.

In severe cases, it is said that this dosage be given twice a day for up to 30 days. She said taking more than two doses per daylight does no one any honest, and only harsh environment your mixture. She said this cured all the cancer she came into contact next to over the years.

Never heat Essiac tea contained by a microwave oven. Do not freeze the mixture either. Do not use any aluminum utensils surrounded by the mixing or preparation or storage of this mixture.

To make 1 cup of the Essiac herb mixture to brew beside 2 gallons of distilled water:

1/2 cup cut Burdock Root
3/8 cup powdered Sheep Sorrel
2 Tbsp. plus 2 tsp. powdered Slippery Elm Bark
1 tsp. powdered Turkey Rhubarb

Mix adjectives the herbs together and save them in a tightly cap jar. This recipe amount along with 2 gallons pure hose down will make going on for two gallons Essiac Tea.

Do not use any aluminum utensils when preparing this recipe.
Boil on high for 10 minutes beside pan covered. Then turn bad the heat, but set out it still covered sitting on the stove overnight.

In the morning heat again to steaming hot, but do not boil, consequently let it settle for a few minutes. Strain through a fine strainer into hot, sterilized bottles, and permit them sit to cool. Store in a night, cool cabinet. Must be refrigerated once a bottle is open.

Dilute the Essiac Tea with more heated pure hose before administering to a character with any type cancer.

The dosage is 1 oz. Essiac tea diluted next to 2 oz. pure heated water each day. Sip slowly at bedtime, eating nought one hour before or one hour after drinking this.

In severe cancer cases, administer this dosage twice a sunshine, but it will do no more good to distribute the person more than that. You are in recent times wasting your mixture.
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