Sunlight bulbs?

light bulbs used during winter months to substitue sunlight

if you want to treat the winter blue's (seasonal decisive disorder)
you need the full spectrum lights and to sit surrounded by front of them for half to one hour a daylight and fine some thing that the lights are three to four foot from you they sell table lamp boxes and it is best to do this in the morning read the dissertation by them it takes a few weeks but it does make a contribution you more energy in attendance is not enough insubstantial in the winter and the more north you run the less pale there is
I enjoy purchased several grow lights from Check it out do some research there (it depends on what exactly your growing), but ou will categorically find something that works for your needs. The most defining thing to consider within growing during the winter is the Photoperiod (amount of daily sun light) your plant should receive. Figure out where on earth the plant your growing grows best naturally and when during the year, after replicate the exact hours of daylight (and darkness which is equally important) for that geography and season. Trust me, you'll be a pro contained by no time.=!!
full spectrum light

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