St John's Wort behaviour?

If you have taken this supplement past, can you tell me how long it took for it to work? How long be it before you feel any differently?

My ex wife swore by the stuff so I wanted to appropriate it for like a week so I know what she was conversation about. I feel it during the first two days and stopped because I didn't like how it made me surface. She swore it mellowed her out. It made me surface jittery... like I wasn't surrounded by control of what I was doing. I didn't resembling it. I am against virtually all pharmaceuticals so I thought I would try the herb piece.

Hope you have better results than I did
I am 17 years older and my mom made me start taking St John's Wort when I was contained by the Sixth grade. I hold stopped taking it since I was 14 due to the reality my doctor recommend another multivitamin supplement, but the St John's Wort mellowed my mood swings and help to stabilize my angry out bursts with my parents.
st john's wort can be effectual but the book i have on it say that u need to be taking it for severel weeks for it to start to work and for months for the full benifit

it help with depression and anxiety and severel other things aswell

you can buy the pills at the drug store or herb store or u can receive a tea as follows

for nervous stiffness 1 1/3 oz. st. john's wort -1 oz lemon balm leaves -1 oz. valerian

use 1 tsp of the herb mixture per cup of boiling water. drink a cup of this tea formerly going to bed each dark steep for ten min strain

for coughing fits 1 1/3 oz. st. john's wort - 2/3 oz thyme- 2/3 oz linden flowers

use one tsp of the herb mixture per cup of boiling water to soothe irritations of the upper respiratory tract that bring coughing this tea has proved willing with bronchitis and whooping cough steep for five to ten min strain

for migraines 1 2/3 oz st john's wort- 1 oz valerian-1 oz linden flowers-1/4 oz juniper berries

use one tsp of the mixture per cup of boiling hose steep for ten min strain this tea helps dilate blood vessel and improve circulation if your headache are triggered by weather drink the tea as the weather is changing

by it's self it is angelic for premenstrual syndrome it helps relieve headache nervousness sea retention moodiness and cramping

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