What's the best over-the-counter drug for muscle inflammation?


I would actually use a cold pack on the inflammed nouns.
It helps more than any other item. Heat won't give support to, it feels great, but it can extend down the inflammation by days.
motrin or aleve
You'll find that by going to the doctor that they'll want you to take a regular medication for muscle inflammation. I had one and the same problem during my sports season in academy which the trainer said that perscription solves it faster. It may cost a bit but I would advise for perscription unless they come up with a godly over the counter drug in former times 6 months.
Either motrin or alleve. I'm allergic to alleve, so I stick with ibuprofen (generic motrin).
Alleve does concluding longer, though.
Ibuprophen, ice packs--10 min on, 10 min off--warm clothes, thaw out covers, rest, and the amino acid L-glutamine for muscle salvage.
Drink lots of water. Soak within the tub, epsom salts or batherapy salt in the tub. You might also requirement to supplement Vitamin C, and iron.
Enjoy pampering yourself.
Motrin or Tylenol, Aleve...In the direct I indicated should do the job, providing zilch major is going on. Stay away from diet sodas and coffee. Once it is gone see what is going on if entail be with your doctor.
over the counter contained by that you don't have to draw from it prescribed:

PanaAway Essential Oil Blend.... put it on in small quantity (a couple of drops).... and voila! Pain gone!

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