Wat would you want?

I have a friend who is really sick right presently, but has to come to institution anyway due to midterms. I'm bringing her a sort of care collection tomorrow, with the following things. (See below). I'd approaching to know what you guys might want if you were sick. Keep within mind I can't bring her any medications as it is at academy. Think more along the lines of herbal remedies, or simply things that might make her touch better!

Things I'm already bringing:

1. Tissues
2. Hand Sanitizer
3. Tea
4. Water Bottle
5. Chicken Soup
6. Throat Lozenges
7. Get Well Card signed by her friends

Any other ideas folks?

Answer:    Mullein tea loads, or ginger/lemon tea specifically, and a bottle of honey to sweeten the tea with. Honey is great for complaint.
EmergenC - packets to mix surrounded by water, (sold at most strength food stores). They have lots of moral stuff in them, and come surrounded by different flavors. They are good source of Vit C. My husband really like them in the summer. Much better choice than Gatorade for nutrient replenishment.
You are a really humanitarian person and a suitable friend. How about somewhat pillow to put her head down on between classes? In regard to the tea, you might want to get a combination of echincea-eucalyptus and a small bottle of honey so this will hopefully help out you friends immune system.Also if if you go to the local form food store,try getting Albas throat lozenges as this will clear both the sinues and soothe the throat,make sure your friend get plenty of rest the night beforehand so that he/she has the drive to go to arts school and take these test.
All of those are good. Add some crackers and conceivably some ginger snaps or ginger candy to help settle her stomach

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