Dose alli work?

Answer:    Yes, it works. but that doesn't mean it's righteous to use. It's basically a simple podgy blocker, but it has added side effects (liver or kidney problems, IIRC).
The display I read for it (while I be waiting at the register) is that the main module of the program is changing your lifestyle... dieting (eating less), exercise, hygienic meal plan, etc. In certainty, it said that if you aren't willing to translation those things, you shouldn't take Alli.
Yes, it might minister to you lose an extra 1-2 lbs per 5 lbs you would lose anyway from the exercise/food changes. but is that really worth it considering one of the big warning is to wear dark pant for at least the first few weeks? It have that warning because when the heavy in your foods isn't digested, it pass through the digestive tract in greasy globules and comes out that path, too.
Good luck with your diet!
completely not.. that's why it's selling so well!
okay actually to be truthful, it must do something. HOWEVER, part of the pack of the alli plan is to eat right and exercise, which will lose you solidity anyways, without the alli.
ps it also can create "oily anal discharge"... here you must particularly weigh the pros and cons haha
i wouldnt trust using it, id do my research on it. if u really wanna use freight use hcg.

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