Sore throat home remedies?

Does anyone have any home remedies to cure a sore throat?

(Please don't report me to go to the doctor's. You don't know the situation.)

Answer:    There are some things that I do when I start have sore throat:

1.) Drink some hot tea (This always works for me)
2.) Gargle saline water within luke warm hose (It's not as bad as you believe and it works)
3.) Lemon with honey (This works for me when I start coughing and have itchy throat)
4.) You might just own to buy cough drops or chloraseptic works really well for me. (This is not candy so appropriate one every 4 hours or so)
5.) I've heard that drinking ginger will help too but I hold not tried it.

I hope this helps!
Gargle brackish water! Gargle near salt dampen...
Sit over a steam vaporizer. It will moisturize your throat. And Sucrets work very very well to numb the pain. My throat is slaughter me, I think Im gonna hold a nice cuppa tea, sorts any almost problem.
Take aspirin tablets, gargle salt hose with an aspirin dissolved within it. The longer you gargle the better. definately salt wet. or ice cream or cough drops--all be aware of good on throat but to fix it saline water (dont swallow though) if it keep up too long you should go to the doctor though...
Tea beside honey, warm hose with lemon or simply a tea-spoon of honey.
When I be a child, my mother would put Vicks Vapor Rub on my neck and wrap it near a sock to cure a sore throat.
Good luck.
Honey with Lemon any by themselves or in Tea. PEACE! gargle beside hydrogen peroxide or warm brackish water.

also, some chamomile tea beside lemon should help soothe and ibuprofen will grasp rid of the pain.
see the detail's on " " A shot of bourbon mixed beside honey
I know sounds weird but it's worked for me.

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