I want to get hold of my ears peirced but Im alarmed?

Im 21 , from Australia, and I havent ever had my ears peiced, or any quantity of me peirced for that matter.. I want to seize them dont so much cause it looks so good- but im alarmed that it will hurt and get infected. Are they comfortable to look after? Does it hurt alot? Does it hurt when you wear earings-ever? (Im totally afraid of pain) And do your ears, like, flop and the holes get big? (I resembling seen those population that have close to full on RINGS in here ears and it looks scary as.. I newly want to wear normal female like earings you know!1)

Can anyone assistance me out here? Thanx

Go somewhere that they have 2 piercing guns and enjoy them done at the same time. It hurts for a minute and specifically it.
If you take strictness of them they will not get infected. Your ear lobes will not stretch out. I hold had 4 holes for 20 yrs. and wear earrings adjectives the time and they are not stretched out. The people you are discussion about want them approaching that and do it on purpose.
Dont live your go afraid.. just do it
I say-so buck the trend and leave them unpierced. Mine aren't pierced -- I'd NEVER do that to my body.

I regard those sagging holes are exceptionally unattractive.
It dosent hurt when you take your ears pierced you know but if they get infected near some cheap earrings they hurt really bad.and the hole don't seize bigger unless you wear big earrings
have you ever pricked your finger?? it feel a bit worse than that.. lol its not bad i hold had my ears pierced for 3 years and they dont hurt or sage at adjectives.. unless you are allergic to some of the metals that they make earrings out of.. its best to single use good competence surgical steel earrings... but if you go to a chemist and achieve it done they will take you through it adjectives and sort our any problems you have
The piercing itself one and only stings for a moment. The healing process is what you enjoy to be careful of. You have need of to keep cleaning the lobes and turning your earrings for roughly 4-6 weeks before they are heal and you can change your earrings.

Wearing earrings does not hurt. I do recommend that you used nickel free earrings because some nation are allergic to nickel and it causes the ear to become inflamed. Nickel earrings are usually the cheap ones. They shouldn't be worn until the ear is thoroughly heal. Real gold earring should be used.

Good luck to you, and remember, it's one and only a momentary pinch and its over.
I had earrings for 26 years and the earring holes are still like and i pierced my ears several times to get more earrings. and it doesnt hurt at adjectives girl. so go on and enjoy fun with different charms :)
u can wear clip earrings or magnet earings.
Don't be scared. I be 13 when I got my first piercing surrounded by my
ears and my mom did that for me. We numbed my lobes
with rime and then she stuck a big sterilized hypodermic
through my ear. Then you put in studs that are hypo
allergenic and you save those in for nearly 6 wks. I cleaned
it with peroxide everyday nearly 3 or more times a day.
And you turn the earrings everytime you verbs. Then I had
my ears pierced a second time when I be about 22, that
time I have it done at Wal-mart at their jewelry center. That
did hurt but only for somewhat while and then they tender you a
bottle of cleaner to use on your ears.
As for the sag and holes, flaccid usually only occur if
you wear too heavy of earrings and the holes individuals
do that with different sized earrings call plugs and
that is something to be precise their own choice.
I had my ears pierced when i be 8, and i dont remember it hurting. They use .. ill christen it a gun.. which makes the hole contained by your ear and puts the earing in at impossible to tell apart time. Its so quick and unproblematic you cant feel anything taking place. Its done in a nano second.

If you verbs them how your told to by the piercest they wont get infected or scratchy. I used special earing wipes for 6 weeks, okay my mum did it for me! I didnt have any problems beside infections.

The earings and the hole itself has never hurt me, the solely thing i found be initially, when lying on your side in bed, you enjoy to get used to the stern of the earring pressing against your head/neck. Its not painful, only annoying! But you get used to that and dont touch it within days. (2 or 3)

Good luck, pinch the plunge! You wont regret it, they look beautiful
Well, dont you approaching the way you look presently? Do you really think earrings will promote your appearance? Natural is always better! A definite man will love you for who you are and how you look naturally. I resembling a natural woman. No jewelry or makeup! In the Bible Jezebel be noted for wearing jewelry and painting her obverse. Christains, and children of God wont wear it. God says clutch it off!
Well, I've done several piercings on myself and other population. And I have those 'RINGS' within my ears. So I consider myself experienced.

The worst part of the entire experience even if you are the most sensitive being ever is the 2 mins before they pierce you. They will pierce you near a tiny need or an earing and it will sting a tiny tiny bit. If they pierce you next to a need later they will put an earing in and it won't hurt at adjectives.

You will wear that set of earings for a couple months and should never feel any anguish, even when sleeping on them. Just make sure you dont snag one on a shirt when shifting. After that you can change them or do doesn`t matter what and it won't hurt at all.

Your ears wont stretch if you wear typical earings, people try extremely hard to stretch their ears and it is a scratchy process( trust me). They wont sag until you hit in the region of 60 ( when everything else sags).

You can clean them when you shower near antibiotic hand soap. Ive in truth never cleaned my many masses piercings and never had an infection. Just don't touch them much beside your hands (bacteria) and you won't own anything to worry more or less.

So in summary, basically a tiny prick and then nought to worry in the order of.

dont be a wimp. they dont hurt at all. everyones doing it besides that girl that never required to pierce anything. if your too scared afterwards dont do it.

OMG! i want to go to austrilia! how is it?? i hear its lovely!!
It's not as painful as let's read out, getting your tongue or lip pierced, but it is sore for a few days.

Best way to prevent an infection is to hold your ears pierced with gold ingots posts. If you can't, then hold them use surgical steel posts, and change to a duo of gold earrings around a week after.

You have to verbs your ears and studs often, and it is best to use rubbing alcohol; It burns approaching the devil but it works.
Use 2 cotton balls or cotton pad, saturate them, and place one on any side of your ear lobe. Rub it in honest, and move the earring around to make sure the alcohol get inside.

As for stretching the hole; only totally large or large earrings will do that. I wear plain gold hoops or studs.

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