Is near any alternative pills for stage 4 "melanoma",type of skin cancer next to liver & lung metases?

Hi gs a, I much recommend not to experiment, melanoma is a serious type of skin cancer and requires qualify medical processing.

Any mole that is irregular within color or shape should be examined by a doctor to determine if it is a malignant melanoma, the most serious and life-threatening form of skin cancer. Following a visual nouns and a dermatoscopic exam (an instrument that illuminates a mole, revealing its underlying pigment and vascular framework structure), the doctor may biopsy the suspicious mole. If it is malignant, the mole and an area around it desires excision by a surgeon or dermatologist.

The diagnosis of melanoma requires experience, as early stages may look exact to harmless moles or not enjoy any color at all. Where any doubt exists, the lenient will be referred to a specialist dermatologist. Stage 4 "melanoma" requires emphases and study.
Please look article:
Jason Homan
i would one-sidedly see a dermotologist for that
Stages of melanoma

This page tells you around staging for melanoma. You can scroll down the page to read all the information here. Or use the following links to dance straight to sections on

* What is staging?
* The different systems doctors use
* The Breslow Scale
* TNM staging of melanoma
* Number stages of melanoma

What is staging?
The stage of a cancer tell the doctor how far it has spread. It is big because treatment is often established according to the stage of a cancer. It is important that you ask your doctor roughly the stage of your melanoma. Most melanomas are early stage 1 and are completely cured next to surgery. Most stage 2 tumours can also be cured with surgery. There is no point within frightening yourself by worrying about advanced melanoma when you enjoy had an precipitate stage melanoma and are never going to get advanced stage disease.

The different systems doctors use
There are several different systems and scales that doctors use to stage or group melanoma. Dotors commonly use the TNM staging system and the Breslow Scale to help stage melanoma. They use this information to bequeath the melanoma a number stage.

The Breslow Scale
Measuring the depth of the cancer is important. Doctors use a clamber called the primary tumour concreteness scale. This is sometimes call the Breslow Scale. It puts stage 1 melanomas into three categories depending on how reflective they are

* Low risk - the melanoma is less than 0.76mm glutinous
* Medium risk - the melanoma is 0.76mm to 1.5mm thick
* High risk - the melanoma is more than 1.5mm glutinous

Remember - doctors may use different staging systems when they talk in the order of the risk of your cancer coming back. This can be confusing as doctors might sometimes phone stage 2 or 3 melanomas high risk. The risks according to the Breslow mount are for stage 1 melanoma.

Further Tests/Diagnosing Malignant Melanoma /Melanoma /Specific Cancers /Cancer Information Homepage/Welcome to CancerHelp/

Generally speaking, if your melanoma is confined to the top layer of the skin (the epidermis) in attendance is usually a low risk of recurrence. If it have grown down into the dermis, there is a prevailing conditions risk for recurrence. If it have grown beyond the dermis, into the fat cloak under the skin, or even further than that, in attendance is a high risk of repetition. This is only a rule of thumb, though. Your specialist will thieve other factors into commentary when judging your risk, such as how the cell look under a microscope, and whether the lesion is ulcerated..

If your melanoma be low risk on the Breslow scale, it is drastically unlikely that it will come back. It is removed formerly it has a unsystematic to grow deep satisfactory for any cells to hold broken away and spread. You are unlikely to need any more treatment. But your specialist may want you to come backbone for a check up at some time in the adjectives.

If your melanoma was prevailing conditions or high risk on the Breslow mount, there is a fortune that it could have already spread or could come vertebrae in the adjectives. Depending on how thick it be, and whether you have any other signs, such as enlarged lymph nodes, your doctor may want to do some more test. You will almost certainly hold to come back for check ups for the subsequent few years anyway.

TNM staging of melanoma
This staging system is common to adjectives cancers. It is call the TNM system. You can find out more about this system contained by About Cancer: How Cancers Grow: Stages.

The 'T' part of the TNM describes the primary tumour. Here are the 'T' stages of melanoma.

* T1 - the melanoma is smaller quantity than 1 milllimetre thick
* T2 - the melanoma is between 1 mm and 2 mm gooey
* T3 - the melanoma is between 2 mm and 4 mm thick
* T4 - the melanoma is over 4 mm gluey or there are clusters of melanoma cell in the surrounding skin smaller quantity than 5 cm from the primary melanoma

You may like to look again at the diagram of the skin structure within this section of CancerHelp UK to see how the compactness of the melanoma relates to the thickness of the skin. The 'T' subdivision of the TNM system is split further into two groups, a and b, depending on whether the melanoma is ulcerated or not. Ulcerated means that the covering seam of skin over the tumour is broken. So 'a' means not ulcerated and 'b' scheme ulcerated. Ulcerated melanomas have a difficult risk of spreading which is why ulceration is used as part of staging melanoma.

Nodules of melanoma contained by the skin nearby to the primary melanoma may be call 'local recurrence'. Some melanoma cells hold broken away from the primary tumour and begun to grow spanking new tumours, or nodules, in the surrounding skin. This can come about at any time after the original cancer have been removed. So it could be some years following. The more time that has gone by since your productive diagnosis though, the less imagined this is to happen.

The 'N' portion of the TNM describes whether the lymph nodes or lymphatic ducts contain cancer cells. Here are the 'N' stages of melanoma

* N0 - in that are no positive lymph nodes
* N1 - there is one positive lymph node
* N2 - in attendance are 2-3 positive lymph nodes
* N3 - there are 4 or more positive lymph nodes

The 'N' sector of the stage is further divided into groups a, b and c. If the cancer in the lymph node can solely be seen beside a microscope (micrometastasis) it is termed 'a'. But if nearby are obvious signs of cancer surrounded by the lymph node (macrometastasis) it is termed 'b'. And 'c' vehicle that there are 'surrounded by transit metastases'. These are nodules that are further than 5cm from your primary melanoma.and are a sign that cells from the primary own travelled through the lymphatic system. The nodules are places in the lymphatic ducts where on earth trapped melanoma cells enjoy begun to grow into unknown melanoma tumours.

The 'M' part of the TNM describes whether the cancer have spread to another part of the body. Here are the 'M' stages of melanoma

* M0 - here is no sign of cancer spread anywhere else
* M1 - there is melanoma contained by another part of the body

Number stages of melanoma
Using the TNM classification, melanomas are grouped into four number stages.

Stage 1 Stage one channel no positive lymph nodes and no sign of cancer spread. In this stage the primary melanoma is less than 2.0mm gummy or less than 1.0mm gelatinous and ulcerated. Ulcerated means that the covering vein of skin over the tumour is broken. There is information about the treatment of stage one melanomas contained by this section of CancerHelp UK.

Stage 2 Stage two melanomas also own no sign of spread or positive lymph nodes. This group is for melanomas that are over 2.0mm thick or over 1.0mm sticky and ulcerated. There is information about treatment of stage 2 melanomas within this section of CancerHelp UK.

Stage 3 This group is for adjectives melanomas where nearby are positive lymph nodes, but no sign of the cancer having spread anywhere else contained by the body. There is information about treatment of stage 3 melanomas within this section of CancerHelp UK.

Stage 4 This group is adjectives melanomas that have spread elsewhere surrounded by the body, away from the primary site. So, all M1 tumours. There is information give or take a few treatment of stage 4 melanomas in this portion of CancerHelp UK.

Advanced melanoma (Stage 4)

Advanced melanoma means the cancer have spread from where it started to another chunk of the body. This may be called stage 4 melanoma. Your melanoma may own already spread when it is diagnosed. Or it may come back contained by another part of the body sometime after you be first diagnosed and treated. This is called 'recurrent' cancer. Cancer that have spread to another part of the body is call secondary cancer or metastases.

You may want to contact a sustain line for more information.
Or for relieve with the turbulent difficulties in coming to language
with have an advanced cancer. Look in
CancerHelp UK's Help and Support slice for
some ideas of who may know how to help you

Where can melanoma spread to?

Melanoma can spread newly about anywhere surrounded by the body.

where melanoma can spread

There does not appear to be much of a pattern contained by where it go to, unlike some other cancers. For example, minor melanoma can occur surrounded by the

* Lungs
* Liver
* Bones
* Brain
* Abdomen
* Lymph nodes

Not all melanomas will spread. And not adjectives will spread to the same places. It is unattainable to be definite in the order of this because the same type of cancer can behave completely differently surrounded by different people.

Remember - You are basically as likely to grasp the same ache and pains and off days as anyone else. Just because you hold cancer does not mean that everything that happen to you is caused by cancer. Do check next to your doctor about any symptom to be exact worrying you. It is likely that it will not be cause by your cancer. And if it is, the sooner you get treatment the better.

Which treatment should I hold?

Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and biological therapies can adjectives be used to treat advanced melanoma. There is information about adjectives these treatments in this slice of CancerHelp UK. Surgery is also sometimes used to remove bulky tumours. This can be done before other treatment. Research tell us that some cancer treatments such as chemotherapy will work better if there is smaller quantity cancer around to kill past its sell-by date.

Which treatment is right for you will depend on

* Where your cancer has spread
* The symptoms it is cause
* The treatment you have already have

Chemotherapy and radiotherapy may help to relieve symptoms. There are also some experimental technique combining chemotherapy with biological psychoanalysis now self tried. Interferon and vaccines are types of biological therapies also certain as immunotherapy treatment. Information about these and other modern treatments for melanoma is included on our what's new page, further on within this section.

There are oodles clinical trials going on with melanoma patients to try to find out whether one treatment is more forceful than the others. If you would like to be cut of a clinical trial into a new treatment, consult to your specialist or GP. They may be able to find one going on surrounded by, or near, your hospital. You can also find clincial trials within melanoma by using our clinical trials database. Follow this link or click on the blue button to the departed of any CancerHelp UK screen. Then pick 'melanoma' from the drop down menu of cancer types.

It can be difficult to want which treatment to try. Or whether to have treatment at adjectives when you have an advanced cancer. You will inevitability to think going on for how the treatment will affect your day to sunshine life. This includes side effects as very well as stresses such as travelling back and forth to the hospital. Most importantly, you will want to understand what can be achieve with the treatment you are man offered.

Your doctor will discuss the options for treatment beside you. There may be a counsellor or specialist nurse at the hospital you could chat to. You may also wish to communicate things over with a close relative or friend.

It can be positive to talk over difficult decision with someone
who is outside your circle of line and friends.
Look in our Help and Support wedge for organisations that can
tell you something like counsellors in your nouns.

"I do have a relative next to stage 4 melanoma. When they found it they only give her a few months to live. She wasnt even feeling bad yet. Well anyway her husband anyone a doctor at Stanford was competent to get her into some trials and she is still near us, its been more or less 2 years now. I dont really come up with the long term outcome is well brought-up but there is some hope for short possession. I would get ahold of the Stanford Hospital and see if they can hold out some advice. "
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I don't believe there is. If the cancer have metastasized already you need traditional medical treatment. This is single my opinion but I would not obstruction in seeking treatment.
I assume you've already be to regular doctors since you know your diagnosis.

If you're interested in what near is out there surrounded by alternative medicine for cancer, here are some links that might help out:

Annotated list of current alternative cancer treatments:

Ralph Moss, PhD's site for cancer treatment reports:

Life Extension Foundation:

Innovative clinics:

Best of luck to you.

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