Whats going on near the skin cancer threat.?

Here in the U.S. we hear alot in the region of wearing SPF in the sun.
I certainly heard somewhere that moderate sun is upright for the immune system.
Is it the combination of our bodies being so toxic and the sun thats cause cancer hence the uproar about wearing "protection"( which I hear was cancerous as well)..?


While too much sun can incentive sunburn and skin damage, moderate sunshine is called for and beneficial to health. We adjectives need modest amounts of sunlight to stay healthy. Sunshine is the primary source of vitamin D, which reduces the risk of confident cancers and other diseases. The fluffy from the sun is very beneficial.
Well here in Australia it have been proved the sun does incentive Melanomia.Which can cause serious skin cancer.They go further by advise parents to keep childish children covered at all times.feathery shirts and a hat.Sunscreens should be applied to all comers
It has be proven that skin that blisters from sun burn causes cancer.Morning sun prevents skin cancer.Toxins lower immune system so they wound the body.Your body if working properly can handle the sun and toxins.Genetics play a big bit also.In my opinion any upset tactics = money for someone.

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