Black spots on my vitamins?

I recently notice that my vitamins were getting covered adjectives over by these black spots. I still continued to take them, but immediately they smell kind of unnatural. What are these spots, could they hurt me, and can I still take those vitamins?

Well if I be you I would stop taking them, if they are changing from when you enjoy taken them before, they could severely well be expired, did you check the date on them?.

And basically so you know for next time.boil, humidity and light can adjectives affect the potency of vitamins. Vitamins should be stored in indistinguishable manner as most medication: in a cool, dry, gloomy place. Keep them tightly closed in the ingenious container. Bathrooms are not ideal because they are normally damp. Do not refrigerate vitamins unless the entrepreneur suggests refrigeration. The best place to store vitamins would be a cupboard.
It sounds like mold taking over. Don't opening it and get some current ones. There should be an expiration date on the bottle.
It sounds like mold. Throw them out. You could bring sick and it's not worth it. Don't store them in a dripping place or in the refrigerator.
mold - some molds can raison d`¨ētre cancer - eating vitamins is to clear your like longer and well again, not to make you sick

throw them out and store the subsequent ones sealed better if you can

also, don't buy so much that you enjoy to keep them around a long time to use them up
Please Stop The Madness honey :) Put them surrounded by water and consent to the set over night. If they do not dissolve next never take the again fresh or not.
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