suffering from premature ejaculation for ending 10 yrs.any remedy pl?

1- Try not thinking about yourself so much during sex. Focus on your partner and trying to please them, instead of how polite it feels to you.

2- Masturbate past you have sex. Only you know how long it will thieve for you to 'reload'.

3- Try to think going on for non-sexual things for short periods of time while you're doing it. Start again when you know your partner is almost done.

4- Don't travel so fast. It's not a see. It's OK to stop for short period and switch to oral or instruction book stimulation of your partner.
c a sexologist n psychiatrist
Ten years! Slow down man.consult medical practitioner of repute.
How do you define premature? It is typical that the man is quicker than the woman. That is why you ought to heat her up beforehand.
contained by next birth as u r inactive
It may remain to be the same if U do not changeover ur lifestyle NOW
With some Meditation, physical health workouts, Healthy Food intake, Healthy Lifestyle, Clean mind next to clean thoughts (meditation) and lastly but not lowest possible, finally Ayurveda/Unani etc remedies have positive answers but U'll never find the idyllic person, If U find one update Y-Q&A.

Rejuvenate your Body & Mind with tiresome health(physical)workouts and much of meditation HELPS since meeting a specialist.

Good Luck
remember that you progress where your mind go
I know of something that both men and women are finding to really help near their libido as well as sexual disfunction. I can tender you many testimonials on this.
in that are some natural exercise you can try, i did it because i considered necessary to have more time during sex and they work
This program help my brother in canon

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